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I know me and my friends all want to see Five Finger death punch, Fear factory,Slayer, Hell Yeah, Deftones,Rob Zombie, Alice cooper,drowning pool,atreyu,alice in chains, and to hear some black sabbath songs from Ozzy along with his new songs. This is a killer line up. We all missed these bands and alot of us live,breath,dream these bands. They are our heros and we have to see them at ozzfest 2011 because to us that will attract alot more $ and fans. I heard alot of people over the past yr say how last yrs line up wasnt that good and these are the bands that they and i want to see. We want to keep coming back!! Ozzfest 2011 yeah Rock on!! No dio or blue oyster or motely crue! Rammstein would be cool or ICP again. BLS is great too wouldnt mind seeing them again. Any of the guys from Pantera, their bands is awesome and perfect for ozzfest 2011. Just another thing we hope the concert shirts are better than before!!

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