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Sorry to hear about your situation all those years ago. I can relate. Many fans have had troubled lives. It was refreshing to see the charming average guy make it so big. He was so lovable (and still is, that's his charm).

I was in a bad space myself during his early solo career. That plus knowing he wasn't with Sabbath which royally pissed me off not with him but with Sabbath, well, it left me without concert memories for that time.

I did listen to him though, and loved him. Always. When I stopped hearing Randy's guitar (so radically much better than Eddie Van Halen in it's sophistication and endearing beauty) there was a big silence in rock and roll and my life.

I just grew up with Ozzy in one context, and wanted him to make it all better and get back to it (w/ Sabbath).

I think they are collecting that stuff here <a href="">BLIZZARD OF OZZ AND DIARY OF A MAD MAN TOUR MEMORIES</a> Good luck!

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