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Augusto Silva da Luz
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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...
I have a dream to know Ozzy Osbourne! I started to hear Rock with Ozzy, the first music that i heared Was Crazy Train! It was extremely encouraging, and after that I hitched to buy CDs ... Here in Brazil, Ozzy is very famous. I individuals (even in school), with a legion of fans who enjoy Him, and we were walking normally in the range singing:

"... All my life I've been over the top
I do not know what I'm doing all I know is I do not want to stop ... "

I wear a shirt with a photo album, Black Rain, and it usually got into trouble at school because I go with her over his uniform, and that the Director does not accept xD!
Always concerned rock inspired me to Ozzy, and am a big fan of him for many things that he passed, I admire him as a person and as an artist! I am convinced to say that Ozzy is the father and is the King of Rock! I think without him the world would not be what it is today ... (no exaggeration)!

Ozzy You're the Man!


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