I need help with my boyfriends bday (big 30) before he leaves on Deployment!!! | The Official Ozzy Osbourne Site

I need help with my boyfriends bday (big 30) before ...

My boyfriend is leaving on deployment(us navy) for 6 months
and i was hoping for his birthday

that there might be some way that he could either meet Mr. Osbourne or get a message from him, before he leaves to the other side of the world to serve his country. Troy is a HUGE Ozzy fan and has been to 7 Ozzfests. He has a page here on myspace MySpace URL: myspace. com/green_man420 and some of his favorite pictures are at Ozzy's star in Hollywood and with Zack Wylde.

I would do anything to help make this happen, because he is so dear to me, and while he is away I know it would give him the best birthday present(he will be turning 30 yrs old)while he is still here because he will be underway on his actual birthday.

He has had a hard road to get clean, start a new life and became a member of the US Navy in the last few years so that he can make a life for himself. Music has always been the love of his heart, kept him alive and given him a place to find peace and comfort through difficult times. Please let me know if there is any way we can do something to help him see his dream come true of meeting Mr. Osbourne in some fashion.

thank you,



g'day theresa
i cant help you on your mission but ,,i can wish your boyfriend a happy 30th and wish him a safe journey and may he get back to you quickly,,these are trying times for all of us,my nephew just got back from his tour of duty, so i kind of know what your going thru