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One Good Reason to Play Specifically in Israel

Just so you could tell the whole world what does actually happen in Israel. To be a reliable source for what I believe are the kindest and warmest people the world has to offer! To become one of the few truly influencing witnesses to the big extreme Islamic lie!

My only question for you is whether your art has such a low price that you would even consider canceling what should be a great show, because of what seems to become an illness - this art-wise limiting ultimatum the extreme Islamic world puts in front of <em>weak artists</em>...?

BTW, I do have Islamic friends, and they are all good people that live in Israel - they are Israeli citizens just like me and enjoy the same good things Israel has to offer to all of its citizens.

<em>Those that ask you to cancel the show are the same Islamic people that crashed planes on 9/11.
Extreme Islamic people that hate us today, you tomorrow, and eventually, when they will run out of target-groups - they will hate themselves.</em>

In any case, and whatever will be your choice...
Great music! :)


Thanks Ozzie for pulling out. Those of you that disagree, wake up and smell the blood, insanity, land theft, hypocrisy and oppression committed by Israel. You are either under heavy self denial, or very bad people.

well said.
Extreme Muslims=War Pigs.
Israelis, both goverment and citizens want
nothing more then peace,
something we can't get because of
terrorists and so called "activists".
"Time will tell on their power minds
Making war just for fun
Treating people just like pawns in chess
Wait 'til their judgement day comes".

Peace and love from Israel.

agree the world must understand the israeli people are not the israeli goverment!!!

People come to performances because they love and admire the artist performing. How can musicians betray their fans trust and cancel performances over politics?
The Palastiniane and Israeli issue is very complecated. I personally barly understand it, and I am a citizen of this country! Most people online do not know any better, but still they try to convince others that we are the one to blame in everything worng in the middle east.

Please do not be part of this cheap and senseless propaganda.

We support musicians who play for people - not for governments
we say- don't mix politics and culture!
boycotting is not hurting the government, it is hurting the Israeli fans no matter what's their political view.
cultural and musical boycott is stupid and hurtful.

Greetings to Ozzy and worldwide fans.

I know that Ozzy,from the beginning of his career to this day is a pacifist,and so am I.
Ozzy comprehension of the suffreing from war and bloodshed is prominent even in the words of the one of the earleist songs, "War Pigs".

Therein lies the understanding that generals and politicians make wars,and not the common people.
I myself couldnt agree more.

However,canceling the show in Israel would acheive the exact opposite effect - it would harm the <strong>common people</strong> whom,amidst wars and violence on both sides,their only solace is to see their idol once in a lifetime.

I call here with great respect to Ozzy and worldwide fans not to put politics into the art of music.


Sharon Rosner.