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Songs he should add to setlist

With an 18 month tour on the horizon. What songs do u think he should try live.

I would love to hear these live Revelation mother earth, black rain, beleiver, little dolls, fire in the sky, demon alcohol, i just want you, goodbye to romance, killer of giants.


I wanna hear the men play the Scream songs.

ahhhh. Diary. I love Diary. Ozzy did it with Zakk. I just wonder, I am thinking it's just one of the most precious songs to him, to all Randy Rhoads fans. Maybe that's one of the songs that some day Gus G will be graced to play. But not yet, not yet.

Hi ventrico, I would love for him to sing Scream songs. They are in his vocal range.

and this is always so funny to me. the discussion of what notes he can hit. I have FOREVER been endeared to Ozzy for the simple reason that he's always kind of cracked notes. I mean, never in my life have I seen him EVER not do that. =oP That's what's freaking cool, because who cares if he is perfect. It's the whole package that does something mysterious. ya know!?

but ya, some songs he does go too high. even Crazy Train. but...strangely enough, most of his early Sabbath classics do not call on that high range.

his voice gives me the chills.

you people just don't get it. he CAN'T!!!! sing alot of those songs anymore because he can't hit certain notes.
he even said when zakk was still there that if he were to do hole in the sky again his f***in head would explode trying. how you put an album out and only do 2 songs on your 2 yr concert is beyond me. it's no wonder it has barely sold 300,000 copies. i personally like the album as i think it is very good. hope the next one is even better and hope they let that guitarist loose. ozzy is smart and he knows what to do. he is a legend.

;o) great choices...

Hole In The Sky
Symptom of the Universe
You Won't Change Me
Wicked World
Behind the Wall of Sleep
Killing Yourself to Live
Junior's Eyes
Planet Caravan
You're No Different
Waiting for Darkness
Killer of Giants
Fool Like You
Miracle Man
Crazy Babies
Fire In the Sky
Tatooed Dancer
Mr. Tinkertrain
Thunder Underground
Old LA Tonight
Facing Hell
Revelation (Mother Earth)
You Can't Kill R&R
Diary of a Madman
Little Dolls
Black Rain
Not Going Away
Let It Die
Diggin' Me Down
I Want It More

I'm sad that he does only the single of the album. I would like to hear Life Won't Wait. It's my favorite of Scream. And if they would finish every concert with the song I Love You All? That would be nice.
From the older stuff i miss Nightmare, Miracle Man, and Flying High Again. But I1m glad, they doing Shot in the Dark.

I'm sad that he does only the single of the album. I would like to hear Life Won't Wait. It's my favorite of Scream. And if they would finish every concert with the song I Love You All? That would be nice.
From the older stuff i miss Nightmare, Miracle Man, and Flying High Again. But I1m glad, they doing Shot in the Dark.

You know? Now that I have heard Ozzy's new material, I really hope he does alot of it when he does Ozzfest and not just a song or two. It's really amazing, bad@ss. At his concert, I really would expect to hear most of it like you would whenever anyone is going around promoting their new album. With a song or two that is from the past.

Oi Ozzy, Love you very much.

Diary Of A Madman,
Over The Mountain,
Killer Of Giants,
The Ultimate Sin,
Miracle Man,
Devil's Daughter,
Perry Mason,
I Just Wan't You,
Facing Hell,
Here For You,
I Don't Wanna Stop,
And then all the new :D

waht im saying is that everyone knows and loves his hits (I personally don't mind for i absolutely love every song i hear) so if he sings those he is surely not going to get many disappointed people.

† Coolstreaky †

anyone with a history of listening to Ozzy beyond listening to top-40 radio would see all of the songs here as favorites. they have all been hits in the day. some of those that became frozen on his setlist this past twenty years are just overplayed. Paranoid and Crazy Train qualify for that honor. anyone hearing any one of these songs by Ozzy couldn't fail to see the beauty behind the man. his music and soul are amazing. :o)

i think he should do a few 'favorites' that everyone likes so no one will be disappointed.

† Coolstreaky †

Here are a few from each cd that he usually doesn't play or hasn't played for a while

Little Dolls
Diary Of A Madman
Waiting For Darkness
The Ultimate SinKiller Of Giants
Bloodbath In Paradise
Demon Alcohol
Fire In The Sky
Mr. Tinkertrain
My Jekyll Doesn't Hide
Facing Hell
Trap Door

It would be kinda worrying if i thought he was sexy...
† Coolstreaky †

I'm 45 and I think Ozzy is sexy. Big difference is, I've loved the man for 33 years and counting lol. He's Ozzy. We all get old. He's just the $hitz to me. Still is. Always has been. He was my first love as a young pre-teen. As a mature woman...same thing. He's beautiful.

He is 62 i dunt think he is sexy...

† Coolstreaky †

I like Hellraiser too. Pretty near in my list of fav of favs. I think that period of his life was awesome, very sexy man yes indeedie...

I'd like to hear him do hellraiser or no more tears live! that would be awsome

† Coolstreaky † goes. Not likely he'll change it up (yawn) but for the sake of dialogue with another fan, I'll give my 2 cents. I'm the first one to say, it would spin people's head around to have him change things up and come alive with a bit more variety in the music everyone listens to and loves that are NOT in the 'standards' he's played for years.

so, without further ado...I would really think it awesome to hear these songs live.

Diary of a Madman
Shot in the Dark
Fire in the Sky
Time After Time
Road to Nowhere
Ghost Behind My Eyes
See You On The Other Side
Old L.A. Tonight
In My Life
Facing Hell
Black Illusion
Lay Your World On Me
Trap Door

any of these songs in total would make a beautiful set list. these are Blades favs of favs.

well coolstreaky, i took the point to be what would be good to hear that he doesn't usually play.

being an arch-conservative all the time throughout the years is what have led many, many fans NOT to attend his concerts - because the setlist never changes. or so i have heard said said on several boards over the years. but what would i know. maybe you have some inside knowledge of what long-time fans want - more Paranoid and Crazy Train?

at some point lifetime fans of Ozzy should be honored too. not just people who pay to see him out of a quirk, as a passing phase, or whatever.

Seriously? I imagine it was a disappointment if the band only plays one song. I want to hear 'Let It Die' and 'Life Won't Wait' for sure. That's weird. But maybe during his solo tour he will focus more on the album. I would think that this would be a great vehicle to get fans on board for his solo tour tho. By at least playing a couple of them.

I do love the music from his whole career too though. So, until August 14th, I won't know!

'Hole in the Sky' is my all time favorite Sabbath song. That guitar & bass riff is so evil. Ozzys vocals and lyrics are icing on the cake. The only time I didn't like that song is when Metallica covered it at the HOF tribute. Every Sabbath recording I've ever heard live is was Pantera's cover. If Ozzy can't hit the high notes on this tune, let him sing it low like Phil sounded great that way.

Second choice would be 'Diary'...which I know has rarely ever been covered live. I think Gus G has exactly the right chops to pull off this song live.