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Ozzfest Ticket Redemption Details

<a href="http://www.ozzfest.com/static_content/view/redemption.html">CLICK HERE</a> for detailed directions on how to redeem your Ozzfest tickets!

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Just a short email bout cool people, will do definitely....am I waiting on a diff email??

Nahh, ur never too old, some of the concerts I saw when I was growing up still cant be compared to...Priest/Maiden and Ozzy/Metallica still cant be fuct with.........

I had problems like everyone else has said. I did get two tickets to Shoreline Ampitheatre near San Jose, CA. for July 20, 2007. They are in section 202. I wanted tickets to Glen Helen/Hyundai Pavillion in Devore, CA. for July 21, 2007. If anyone else made the same mistake and would like to trade email me at solo646@charter.net. I would be happy to trade straight across. Please! Please!

I"M HOLDING MY BREATH!! still holding..... Im getting light headed...lol

check your email.......its from b_duj2006@yahoo.com

Are touring this summer, I've seen Slayer 14 times, since 1990. ...man when they launch into "Seasons in the Abyss" its surreal....

yes they still have seats on monster for my dte, i would be eternally greatful... b_duj2006@yahoo.com

Everyone, read below article from Ozzfest.com........This is complete B.S. AGAIN !!!!!!! Soooo they gave away 428,000 tickets WHOOOPIE what about those fans who had codes from Black Rain and couldn't get tickets!! Those people deserve their tickets!!!!!

FREEFEST MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then this article says that Oz and Sharon are happy with the results???? OBVIOUSLY they didn't read these postings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I truley believe Oz had NOTHING to do with this....I think it was all on Sharon. And shame on Sharon for not making sure this process went smoothly for the fans !

Granted, there are only about 150 postings of unhappy fans here out of millions in the US, HOWEVER, I believe there are tons more unhappy fans who have not posted their comments here.

I do hope everyone gets to attend Ozzfest....guess next time we all save our money and just buy the frigin tickets so we don't get jerked around again!!!!!

Peace out!


When Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne and the world’s largest live music company, Live Nation, announced in February their plans to stage the 2007 OZZFEST as a free show, some industry people said it would never work.

Today OZZFEST yet again has made history, as the fans clearly have spoken.

Over the past four days, tickets for all 24 shows were distributed to a frenzy of music fans. More than 428,000 tickets in all were given away through LiveNation.com, marking the largest number of free tickets distributed in the United States in the history of the concert business. In a staged release and via various sponsor sites, including Monster Energy, Jagermeister, FYE, Pilgrim Films, Hustler Lingerie and WWE, LiveNation.com enabled fans to enter exclusive codes to obtain tickets beginning Friday, June 8. More than 228,000 tickets were distributed yesterday alone, with the last ticket given away just after midnight. The tickets were completely free without surcharges of any kind.

For this year’s historic “Freefest”--which will give fans the rock experience of their lives at a price that’s hard to beat -- headliner Ozzy Osbourne will be joined by Lamb of God, Static X, Lordi, Hatebreed, Behemoth, Mondo Generator, Nile, Ankla, Circus Diablo, The Showdown, 3 Inches of Blood, Daath, Chthonic and In This Moment.

Sharon Osbourne said, “Ozzy is the first to take an entire tour and make it free to his fans and the fans of OZZFEST. More than 428,000 tickets were distributed free to fans. How amazing is that?”

“Together we have pulled off the ultimate gift for music fans this summer, a free OZZFEST,” said Bryan Perez, President of Global Digital for Live Nation. “Through LiveNation.com we connected OZZFEST with nearly half a million music fans to create an exciting moment for the live music business and we couldn’t be happier with the results.”

The page where you redeem your CD code won't load or is messed up or something.....anybody know what's going on?

Dodge Music Center Hartford...no more free tickets available?!? I went to Live Nation and put in that venue....no where did it say to put in the code !!!!!!!!!!!! What are all the seats gone??? WTF ! That place is HUGE ! My friend has a code from the Black Rain CD and I can not even get her the free tix !!!!!!!! B.S. !!!!!! Of course she shouldn't of waited so long....luckily I got mine (yes, I am one of the lucky ones!).

Here's something special...you can pay $33 for VIP parking!!!!!! You may not be able to attend Ozzfest in person but at least you can sit on the parking lot and listen to the music!!! And hey, maybe even buy a lawn seat from the scalpers !!!!!!!!!!!!

FYI: Ticketsnow.com has Ozzfest tickets available at a price but I see they are going fast !!!!!!

I LOVE OZ but this is bunch of B.S. !!!!!!!!