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I'm from a little place 50 miles north of Aberdeen in Scotland and have waited for years for ozzy to play in the UK, unfortunately I cannot go to the gig in Wembley as being 8 months pregnant stops me from standing hours at a time. Hopefully ozzy will visit the Uk again, it would be lovely if he could make it to SCOTLAND as we always miss out, concerts are always in England or Ireland. Don't forget about the Scots, we love you too! Love the new album as does my son who will be 3 soon, got to start them young.

Dear Ozzy!

it's always bloody dull in Hull. You played here way back when (early 80's), i was only about 4 or 5 then, but i wish to god i could have been there...for crying out loud...the only 'BIG' acts we get these days are Bon-bloody-Jovi, REM or some other low graded pop-crap band that can't sell out a f-ing toilet! Come back to Hull, please!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope all goes well for you! And keep rocking...we need that real music in society, otherwise we'll all go mad (in a bad way, just imagine it...millions of britney spears fans or drones...urghh!)

love ya!

Woody (Kris) in a dingy-s****y place called Hull, UK

hi, my name is patrick halvorsroed and i`m from norway... ive been to several of your conserts and loved each and everyone of them.. i was hoping for a prayer or a request from you... my girlfriend carina and i, have been going thrue a bad time these days, and we are going to your consert in oslo spektrum, the 10th of june 2007. and i was hoping that u would stand on stage and say: this song is dedicated to carina from patrick, he loves you..and hopes everything is gonna work out and then play moma, im coming home.. it would mean a lot to the both of us..because she is the love of my wishes. patrick.

Im from hot springs arkansas and ive been to three of your concerts. Ive watched several of your shows and thought they were cool as hell. I would love to hear from you and dig all the s*** you do. Ive even caught a couple shows of your wife (sharon) thought she rock to. Im 33 and have listen to you ever since i could reach a radio. My sons now 12 and 13 love to listen to you to. Every time i mention ozzy they are right there by my side. Ive been thru rough times and your music has always seen me through. Thats why i connect to your music. Ive lost loved ones and your music seems to get me thru. Your words and stories hit home with me, thats why ive listen to you so much. It helps me with my anger, and it helps me get along. If you have time id like to here from you. Keep on rocken.

sincerely donnie and alana brawdy


we love ozzy ... são paulo/SP - rio de janeiro/RJ - curitiba/PR ... 2007!

don't forget BRASIL OZZY !!!