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Hello all, any fans from Boston??? :)


You better do some internet research on Boston before you go. It's not that easy or cheap to find a place to stay. It's just as expensive as NY. Book a room early!!!

I love your music Ozzy!!!

I am from the South Shore and I got tickets today for OzzFest the only thing is that that I have to find a friend who is able to go with me being that it is on a Monday night. We shall see what happens though. I am sure taht someone will be able to get off the nite or go after work.

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i have sent livenation numerous emails, about my lawn seat tickets, that i got , but when i saved the page, it said timed out, and lost my confirmation number., they wont get back to me, has anyone else had that problem?

apachedog.....going to Tweeter Center too can bid on auction on live nation....had no luck with the free codes after 6 or so 3rd thru 13th row form auction...paid but worth it been an Ozzy fan forever

apachedog....if you e-mailed live nation check your e-mail for a chance to get free tickets! you have until July 1, 2007 so hurry

Hello Boston .
i Week to go untill Ozzy plays his and our home town Birmingham uk. Can not wait, i went to see him in London last week. For a 59 year old he still kicks ass.

Cheers from Birmingham UK

I'm from Maine...but i will be attending the Ozzfest in Boston(closest show in New England)

i am close to boston, and will try to get tix to ozzfest in mansfield, tweter center

I'll be there.... Hopefully I get my tix with those coupons.. I have a bad feeling about it though..

I am in for Boston as well. I just hope the ticket codes work.
Bombs Away!!!

We're coming from Syracuse, NY. Closest one for us too. Got my free tiks with pre-purchase of Black Rain CD! Anyone know of inexpensive place to stay or camp?