Are you ready for the black rain????? | The Official Ozzy Osbourne Site

Are you ready for the black rain?????

Hello Ozzfans,...
Are you all set for this tour of Ozzys we have waited so long to see??
It was great to see him perform at the Ozzfest this year,...totally free I might add,..but it will be
really awesome to see the whole Ozzshow that will be the tour known as BLACK RAIN.
Any Ozzboard or P.O.D. fans here????


Hi FOF. Long time no see. I guess you don't visit the Ozzfest board anymore?

I'm hoping to see Ozzy at MSG. Kip from Ozzfest 2006 is coming up from Bermuda to see this tour.

Yes i am ready for this tour...It's going to kick ass!!!! What up FOF?


i really hope he hits the albany ny area this tour cuz i would definatly love to see him