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Ozzy Fan Club Members get the Shaft in Wichita

Its nice to see all the other concerts give their fan club members the option to purchase tickets prior to the public. No in Wichita. Instead, I've paid my dues for what?!? I get to stand line with all the other want-to-be fans so they can get better seats than me. Thanks for standing up for your fan club members. YOU ALL ARE A JOKE AND A F*&^ING RIP OFF!!!


I am a member of ozzfan.com and live in Wichita, Kansas. They had the presale for Wichita and I got a couple of tickets in the sixth row - center section. I on the other hand had to get the platinum package so I could meet the prince of darkness. One thousand dollars is a little much but it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet him and see the show in front row middle section, as well as
the picture with the madman, pre-show party, and autographed merchandise - cha-ching!!!

I have loved ozzy's music for years. and befor my mom passed on, i got her hucked on him to. when we had her service, we played changes, with kelly. now i have a one year old grandchild, and she loves to head bang to all of ozzy's songs. and when she hears kelly singing changes, she sings along. i want to wish all of the osbourne family, a happy thanks given, and a very merry christmas.

dear ozzy, i hae been a big fan of yours, for meany years, and now my little grand- daughter, loves to head bang to all of your music. and she loves to sing along to changes. she is one years old, and can hardly talk, but she can say, ozz. we want to wish you, and your family, happy thanks given, and a merry x-mas. love, betty.h

I live in St. Louis MO and I found 4 ticket for the Wichita show just last week, row 2 center stage, the guy complaining about not being able to get tickets didn't look very hard.