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Zakk Wylde?

Does anybody know if Zakk will playing with Ozzy?


well, it sounds like at Blizzcon there will only be Gus G. i'm just so damned HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY that Ozzy is creating right now, because it's for DAMNED sure it's been a while since I've heard some new and exciting stuff from him. I love Black Rain but I also love alot of his earlier stuff. I miss his Sabbath songs terribly too :o( waaaaaaaaaa. i'm getting old!

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Z-Paul Music can be heard @
Z-Paul is the unknown who should be playing with Ozzy when Zakk is busy with BLS. Z-Paul is from Americas Premier Black Label Society Tribute band "exZakked". Please Re-Post and show support for the campaign...tell Ozzy to forget Gus-G...and get Z-P!!!!

so the question of the hour is whether this new guitarist will be "the" guitarist on tour or whether that person and Zakk will share the stage. drumroll please. lol ;o)

yeah, he will; from what i understand he cancelled something he was supposed to do with Black label society so he could tour with ozzy. lets hope the intel is correct...

kind of disturbing thread, this one is.

i've watched so many YouTube video's, some where Ozzy just rocks the stage and is so incredible, others in the latter years where periodically he's so f***ed up he seems to be hanging on the mic and barely functioning. singing without tone at all, mumbling as if in a dream state. that someone said he fell off stage doesn't surprise me.

i've noticed on some video's Zakk and others in the band don't say much in the way of insult, but they have a slight annoyance factor going on subtly if you pay attention making statements as to how Ozzy is unaware and very f***ed up / not present.

God i hope Ozzy's gotten sober for real. because he is so talented, so loved. and when he comes around again with his new material, i think it would be FANTASTIC to tons of people to see an energetic, clear headed Ozzy singing his heart out to them. honoring all the people who love him and worship his music. negating the negatives lain in place with the Osbournes and his catatonic states of recent years.

you know, people say s*** about his exhaustion...hopefully this time around there'll be an easier schedule on him physically all around, particularly on his vocal chords.

Rock on Ozzy Osbourne, you are THE KING of everything METAL and AWESOME in my book :-)

yeah, he will; from what i understand he cancelled something he was supposed to do with Black label society so he could tour with ozzy. lets hope the intel is correct...

Is zakk gonna be in saskatoon at L&M and at what time?

Zakk blew Seattle off the planet last night!!!!! :-)
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Jan 1970 what is L&M can you tell me more

if zack dosnt play with ozzy then who would fill thoose shoes

Blew the doors off Seattle?He was too drunk to play right,AND HE FELL OFF THE STAGE!!!The absolute worst OZZY show I've seen,out of 7...

well zakk wyld was with ozzy in edmonton thank god he saved what was a crappy performance by ozzy
be prepared for off key or forgotten words by ozzy
rob zombie put on a better show
ozzy mumbled 12 songs and one encore then said f*** you guys and left