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3 have added me to friends?

It says that 3 have added me to friends but who/where are they? I managed to add one person to my friends but I don't know how they are adding me or how to find others. Can anyone help me with this?


Click on the user name of the person who you want to add or whos profile you want to view.

I am new to this site too and I need to know about this also.

Also............... how can I view the members list? Is this possible?

Is there a chat room?

HELP!! hehehehee


I am also trying to figure this out.
Ciao, Nette

--you read my mind!
im looking for musician info(who is really playing drums and bass on blizzard and " diary of a madman.who am i listening to on released copys of the cds.

Well at least it's not just me..... having probs everyway I look at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There should be a link to see all the members on this site, as well as Added Friends that you can click on, on your profile page to see, plus the members that are online when you are.... like it was, up until last week!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on, whomever u r.......... this site is all about OZZY, and it should BE OZZY FRIENDLY.........something even HE COULD MAKE HEADS AND TAILS OF!!!!!!!!! Shaaaaarooooooonnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????