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Ozzy in sioux city

OMG Ozzy rocked the F----- House nov.4 3 1/2 hr show it was sooooo awesome hope he returns again DH in sioux city.


I was at that show to man. I got the VIP pass and I got to meet Ozzy and the band !! It was awesome....Ozzy and everyone else are really nice and down to earth people. I told Ozzy he can come back to Sioux City anytime and he said he liked it here :) So I'll keep my fingers crossed

Mike B. from Sioux City


My dream came true, I bought the meet and greet pass. It was the greatest experience of my life except the birth of my son, oh and OZZY f***in rocked. I got foamed, it was great. Took lots of pics. I was the one up front with the OZZY glasses. J.A. From Sioux Falls SD