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Ozzy Portland Oregon

I'm there... Anyone else?????????? If you don't get there early you'll have to Wait A While........................... to get in.................. It is really f***ing nasty out there this week and the weather SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK Goat.... Back to my corner in my doghouse............ Let me know when I can come out....... Just make sure I don't miss the damn show...... :-)


My friend was the crazy chick in the fourth row with no shirt on. We saw lots of guys taking picks and videos and was hoping someone could send us a pic or video.
please send to

Ozzy gave me a black eye!

I was in the front row at Portland and I got hit so hard with the water cannon that Ozzy sprayed, that it knocked the contact lens right out of my eye and left me with a black-eye. I can honestly say that Ozzy gave me a black eye! Other than that though the show rocked and my wife and I got to meet and greet and take photos with Ozzy, Zakk and the band before the show!

im goin tonite, cant wait for it =)

Carmina Burana (Intro)
I Don’t Wanna Stop
Crazy Train
Suicide Solution
Mr. Crowley
Not Going Away
Road To Nowhere
Bark At The Moon
Zakk Wylde Guitar Solo
I Don’t Know
Here For You
I Don’t Want To Change The World
Mama, I’m Coming Home

Looks like Fire In The Sky has been dropped from the tour.

s***. That sucks about "Fire..." being dropped.
I actually bought tixs for Oakland in hopes of hearing it.
I was also hoping he'd add another song or two from the new album to the mix...like the title track or maybe "Trap Door" or "Civilize The Universe".