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Portland, Oregon Review 11/14/07

Good show last night at the Rose Garden.

Rob Zombie: Seen him before, same o'l same o'l.


Yes looks like the setlist has been getting trimmed ever since Seattle:

Songs trimmed from the Portland setlist are marked below:

00. Carmina Burana (Intro)
01. I Don’t Wanna Stop
02. Crazy Train
03. Suicide Solution
04. Mr. Crowley
05. Not Going Away
06. Into The Void <---Not Played In Portland
07. Road To Nowhere
08. Fire in the Sky <---Not Played In Portland
09. Bark at the Moon
10. Guitar Solo (Z. Wylde)
11. I Don’t Know
12. Here For You
13. I Don’t Want to Change the World

14. Mama I’m Coming Home
15. Paranoid
16. Iron Man <---Not Played In Portland
17. Sweet Leaf <---Not Played In Portland
18. Children of the Grave <---Not Played In Portland

Seattle got one hell of a show back in Oct!

I've seen Ozzy off and on since 1986 and this I was the first time I ever saw him where no Sabbath songs other than Paranoid was played.. The show was good and probably amazing for those who haven't seen Ozzy before as he was able to keep his voice going through the whole set and didn't have the problems he has in recent years on the Ozzfest tours with cutting sets short,etc.

It was sorta full circle for me personally as it was 21 years ago I saw Ozzy for the first time and there was a group of kids maybe 16 being the oldest sitting next to me getting into the show HARD. smoking bowls every song, rocking out. It was cool to see that. Funny when Ozzy played "I don't know", that seemed to be the only song that they hadn't heard before. I kinda felt a bit old when I noticed all the people there with they're kids! One dude had like 4 kids I was thinking WOW at $50 bucks a pop he's a huge Ozzy fan. Considering Ozzy tickets in '86 were 10 bucks taking the family to a concert isn't exactly a cheap outing anymore. But we might as well blow our cash on something.

"I Don't know", That song really was great to hear live once again, that was the first song that in 1982 when I got my mom to lend me 7 bucks to go buy a tape and I picked up Blizzard Of Ozz from the tape section at K-Mart and popped it in a portable tape player I had. I remember the opening effects and then the "rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr BAM!" of the opening riff. That was a musical discovery that will always be etched into my brain.

I would of liked to of heard "Fire In the Sky" as it's my favorite song off of the Wicked album and, funny thing I followed Ozzy all the way up to Ultimate Sin then, dropped out for Wicked and picked back up again when he came out with No More Tears. So it would of been very cool to hear that live but oh well. No tunes off of Diary or Ultimate Sin or his last 2 albums before Black Rain.

Black Rain is a good album it sounds a lot like that heavy dark Marylin Manson riff you hear to me. I think it's much better than Osmosis and probably a bit better than Down To Earth (Although I thought Down To Earth kicked some ass) . Did anyone notice you can't buy a copy of Speak Of The Devil on the website? I know Ozzy hated that album because it was done to get out of Sharon's dad's recording contract but still, it was a killer album!

In any case this has gone well beyond a concert review, overall was a good show, if I was seeing Ozzy for the first time I'd be more ecstatic in my review. I do think the Portland crowd was mellow but then again I'm from Dallas and there the crowds are known to be some of the wildest in the country. I still get a kick out of Ozzy's "crazier you get the louder we'll play" banter, but let's face it folks, the guys running the sound aren't turning up the levels but, it's a good show biz bit!

Well that's it in a nutshell.l Ozzy is still around, looking good, singing well, and playing live.

Catch him if you can.


i go to the seattle ozzfests every year. i like like 10 minutes from portland. (i live in washington) went to the portland show. and i was amazed how lame the portland crowds are. even the people sitting next to me were complaining how many hippies and whatnot live in portland. not a very good crowd. although they werent bad, my advice to the ozzman is to stay out of p-town lol.