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Seen Ozzy on every tour since bark at the moon. This was the worst show ever.Maybe even the worst live performance by anybody. It made me sad to see that my rock idol is really getting old. He missed verse after verse. Voice constantly cracking. Looked like he was on an episode of nip/tuck.Message to Sharon: let Ozzy retire and let the old Ozz fans remember the good times not the ones like the stockton show. I will never see Ozzy live again. Too painful.


Hey, give it up for Oz, he came out there sick off his ass and tried his best to give us a show. He could have been up there in a wheelchair and we all still would have f-ing crazy. That foam was ridiculous, thank god Tony threw me a towel!

Do you know how many times in the last 10 I've seen Ozzy the excuse was "I'm sick"? At least half. That excuse is as old as Ozzy. Dont get me wrong I am one of Ozzys biggest fans. Been following him since I was 12 When Diary came out. Its great that the younger fans can still see Ozzy But If you did not see Ozzy in the mid 80's you have no idea. Just like I have no idea about the early 70's Ozzy. I took my ten year old to see him with sabbath a couple of years ago it was great. When he is older he can say "Hey I saw Black Sabbath with Ozzy".

While the Oakland concert was great, I can see what you're saying; you could not understand 98% of the lyrics (well, true with Rob too, but he has an amazing voice :) ). However, he was sick; and last year was my first Ozzfest and I worked the festival this year, and if you compare those performances when he was healthy to now when he's sick, the former beats out the latter in terms of quality.

Ozzy is an incredible showman, though; thaf's why we love him.

And hopefully, God willing, we'll get that full-blown Black Sabbath reunion tour.

nah man...i've seen Ozzy every tour since Bark in Boise...and he's still has it....guess it just depends if you're going with the flow with the Ozz.....he looks amazing and still has the 'umph'.... A true Ozzy fan can never let ozzy go!!!!


I guess I'm just a realist