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what sort of tickets can you get with the presale. can you get within the 1st ten rows on the floor???


Yeah - I haven't gotten that yet but I get the error that I can't get x number of tickets available, even if I put 1....weird.

I'm wanting 2 tickets for Halifax... hoping for the first few rows in the center but I'm wondering if it's worth it to join the fan club to get them. Are there even presales still available for Halifax? I wish someone that was in the fan club could pop in and have a look for us. *hint hint* :)

Same thing here,I can get in but I cannot buy any tickets.

sorry for the pm i hit the wrong thing,

presale is sold out for moncton and halifax, there were apparently only 250 available, i called fanfire and they said both sold out, good luck with public sale everyone

no you can't

decent seats but the best seats are reserved for the auctions and contests and VIP's etc.

I got 4 front row seats!

WOW, that's balls. So much for the presale. I guess there are 250 happy folks in Halifax tonight.... wish I was one of them.

How can you access the presale for the Halifax show? And when do they go on sale?

Mct or Hfx?

Go to and use "CROWLEY" to access todays pre-sales.
Thank me later

no seating on floor,gonna be just like the slayer concert


Is there anyone who knows when the Halifax presale tickets will become available for fanclub members? I do know the metro centre's sale is beginning this Saturday at 9am.

Mct or hfx?

where did you hear no seating on the floor?

Mct or hfx?

Are the Moncton and Halifax concerts going to be listed in the presales on the sites concerts listings for presale,or do we buy the presales through the local venues with our presale code,I still don't see the concerts listed yet,unless they are going to get them posted by the end of the day before the time the presales start in the morning.

Mct or hfx?

Seating plan is posted.
Looks like there will be seats on the floor... which is a bonus!

frig sorry for the multiples...I did finally get through (Moncton) I guess you just have to keep trying. 3rd row floor, not bad. We're actually going to Portland too,and the ticket selections weren't as good as this for sure (technical difficulties didn't exist though). Good luck everyone! Enjoy!

Well it's past 10am on presale day and nothing seems to be working as of yet... arghhh
anyone have any luck?

Alright, finally got in and snagged four tickets. 8th row. Definitely pleased with that as they were having some serious technical issues. Can only imagine how nuts it will be on Saturday morning when they go on public sale.

Good luck.

I know - I'm waiting too...hopefully they'll get their 'technical difficulties' cleared up soon.....

We got 4 front row tickets in Moncton.

I am getting a " Presale Reserved " message and there is no option to view tickets.
Sound familiar?

For those of you that have the option right now,is there any Halifax presale left and are they any more then regular tix?

Yep...that time it took a little longer so I thought maybe...but got shut down hehe.

Frizzle, I'd like to know the same thing. Are there still any seats left for Halifax in the presale that are in the first few rows? I'd love to know before I bother shelling out the $50 to join the fan club. If there are any fan club members on here in the Halifax area that would like to buy 2 more up front for me, I'd make it worth your while. Word up!

I am having the same problem,I cannot get through either,best of luck to you all with getting your tickets.

I managed to get two tickets in the 6th row,I am happy with that.

This is the message now:

No Tickets Available At This Time, If Inventory Is Returned, Tickets May Become Available


Was that for Halifax or Moncton, madmac55?

I'm in but, I can't get 3 tickets together - wtf?!?!?!

It was for Moncton,I tried to get 4 tickets,but could not get them.