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Ozz fest

I want to know if the ozz fest is free this summer and i herd rumurs ozzy wasn't going to be there,is that true? I also herd if you by black rain you will get ozzy tickets, if so how many?


Ozzfest is free this summer, Ozzy WILL be there and if you buy the Black Rain CD, you will get a code to enter into a special website to reserve 2 free tickets before they are available to anyone else!! I have the CD and it ROCKS!!

hey i was wondering since I pre-ordered my copy of black Rain on iTunes how do i get the code

There is a code inside the CD package. It will give you the web site to go to and a code to enter. This will reserve 2 tickets in your name....while supplies last!!

Ozzy the man, The myth, The Legend!
My rock & roll hero!
Keep up the great work! & Thanx for all the years of listening pleasure!

If I only want to see Ozzy, can I show up late to Ozzfest like at 7pm?
What time will Ozz come on stage?