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Well.... few minutes ago, i watched That Video...

What can I say.... IT'S GREATER THEN GREAT! :DDD

On the End Hi said: i made a lots of mistakes. I made a lots of thing, that i not proud of. But if i should have a chance to change something , i wont change the f***ing moment of my life. Because,through all those accidents, i get experience, and i heaved Fun! I feel, that i enjoyed life, and that all i wanted.

Man... i now i said this, And i said this a lots of times... but i just have to say this again... YOU ARE THE GREATEST OZZY!!!!! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! and one more time I LOVE YOUUuuuuuu!!!!!!!!

Please come to Lithuania, or to some other Baltic country's. Please Ozzy.... Please.....

I'll be waiting. Forever. And, if you won't come... well....then see you on the other side!

In one of His concerts Ozzy said:
If you listen To Ozzy Osbourne YOU WILL ALL GO TO HELL!!!!
And then i thought, if ozzy will be there to, IT'S GREAT! ;DDD
love u Ozz