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Latest Set List???

Goiing to the DC show...hoping to get set list.

Did Rob Zombie rock?


apparently it is too difficult for peopel to post set lists.. I sure hope he plays Into The Void and Children Of The Grave like he had been tonight instead of the boring old ozzfest setlist. Please!!! I know he was playing Fire in the sky too... It really isn't one of Ozzy's best but atleast it is different.

This is the first Ozzy show I've ever been to and thought it was geat! Just the fact that he is a living legand makes me glad I got to see him.

You probably heard a similar setlist but I want to list it for anyone who is going to the remaining dates of the tour (these are out of order but this is what he played in Philly )-
I Don't Wanna Stop
Crazy Train
Suicide Solution
Mr. Crowley
I Don't Know
Bark at the Moon
Zack Wylde Solo
Here for You
Road to Nowhere
I Don't Want to Change the World
Not Going Away
Mama I'm Coming Home

I think I got them all. I was looking forward to hearing Over the Mountain, Flying High Again, or more Sabbath stuff but like I said before - "Living Legand" so whatever man....

I went to the show in Worcester Mass.. That will be my LAST OZZY show ever.. I love Ozzy and all but it just isn't worth it anymore....

First of all he only played one Sabbath song. The only reason I went is cause I heard he played Into The Void, Children Of The Grave and Sweet Leaf a few weeks back... Also fire in the sky... Not one of his best but at least it would be something different.

I happen to like Sabbath better but Ozzy still has alot of good solo stuff.. He just chooses not to play it...

How about Diary Of A Madman or anything else off that album? Miracle Man? Crazy Babies? Mr. Tinkertrain? Killer Of Giants? The Ultimate Sin?

Instead we get Road To Nowhere, Mama IM Comin Home and Here for you.... Those songs are f***ing terrible...

Had VIP tickets for Mohegan on Saturday and it was well worth the thousand dollars. A BIG BIG thanks to BIG DAVE. He ran the backstage meet and greet and pre show party. If you see him, tell him the loud guy in the orange shirt says HI.