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Halifax & Moncton...

I'm getting kinda worried...the concert dates jump from
Jan21 to Jan31...No mention of Halifax or Moncton...
Also heard these shows are going to be 'Cancelled"
because Ozzy needs to get rested for the rest of the tour...
he's sick & needs time off to recooperate.


I see what your talking about..Why the jump from the 21 to the 31 on his tour dates..
Starting to not look good for Halifax...Man i hope I'm wrong!!

Hasn't been updated.

Yeah, what the f*** is going on here? People are going to riot if he cancels the maritimes!

It was only showing the tour up until Jan 21 & now it has jumped to the Jan 31, skipped right
by the Halifax & Moncton dates...f***ing weird...

Who's the moderator of this site? Some needs to get s*** updated. Like now!

im so excited for the concert....jst not sure if i can afford to go anymore....its the s***s....but if anyone wants to buy a couple lower bowl tickets hit me up and we will talk