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Please come to Montreal

We Want's Ozzy come to Montreal!!!

Why did hi does not come to Montreal in his new tour!!
Why did the Ozzfest don't come to Montreal too!

I think we are the best fans in the world.

Please come to Montreal


i thin that this can be a very nice thing that ozzy come to montreal
i'm living here and if he come it's sure that i will go to his show
ozzy is one of the best in the world and many people here will go to the bell center just to see him.
if you come ozzy, the bell center will be full

ozzy is comming in january when ozzfest came 1 time the place was half empty

Sandy...OHHH YES!!!

I would love to see Ozzy
but who the hell can afford $500 for a ticket
thats really a nice way to treat fans

Ozzy should come to Canada's capital Ottawa. Please add a date for Ottawa.

ozzy is coming to montreal does anyone know when the tickets go on sale?

ohh yes i remember 2003 and won,t forget it !or any other ozzy concert ive been 2....Hes just awsome !