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anyone else who cant stand dio?

I so tired of reading dio fanatics comments on music new sites like its so obvious ozzy is the real deal and dio is just a fake f***ing dwarf idiot. his fans a re f***ing stupid as s*** to. its so nice that black rain is coming out soon, so no one will give af*** about dio besides his f***ing loser fans. cant belive another metal singer would s*** talk ozzy so bad, like jesus f***ing christ, he helped create the genre.


Clayof life ...
very dissapointed in reading these posts....
All crossed paths to give a message ......
look out ......

do any of you web posters know what power of the pentatonic scale delivers....

you all need to do a litte research ..... No ONE is the key , but rather it is an orchestra of players.
most of whom are behind the scenes of this fabulous play...
Ozzy, Don Arden, Sharon, then Iommi,.just to name a few . .... Ronnie was the last in line.

Visit the egypt / Cleopatra exhibit in LA .... And you might see...

May peace be with Ronnie and you all..... the chains are on .....

Magic is an art which was to be Stamped out by the Patriarcal c.c Means to reach God - Religion.

The art is rekindiling ...... May you all see the light....
Every man and Every woman is a star ......f

So the gimpeth speaketh some sense?!!!!!! You do not pass 5000 post with long winded posts! hehehehehehe

Most of this bad feeling is down to Tony, and if you have seen the films(DVD's) you will know that, even the Last Supper one by Sabbath!

Ozzy has grown up since the split but had a jolly good laugh at their expense with his own dwarf also called Ronnie, BUT that did not last llong did it. Ozzy Grew up and went onwards and upwards while Sabbath regretable floundered! OK, Ozzy was Always over the top, and that is why he was sacked from Sabbath, as the excesses prevented him writing songs and proforming, etc. Then again at the time fo the sacking, Ozzy's father HAD just died! Can not a chap, or a lass have some mourning time?

For more information look up my posts on the legal action that was started (the one on the front page), and you can read a shed load more!

Number 1

hey blades i was just going to say yep,,but i will go on a bit for your benefit ,,i agree that scapeth is longeth winded and yeseth always a great read,,well thought out and nearly always the best point of view ,,to date i think i have only disagreed once with the scapeth,,but that was just my oppinion
now mostimes i can just sum it up with one word and sometimes just a sentence but on the ODD ocasion i too can produce wind ha ha ha ha ha ha you know what i mean,,and my posts that are so high arnt to satisfy my desire of being the post master general,but are usually in response to another ozznoid,,on a lot of levels i like to respond to most of the off topic forum and occasionally here ,,and just think if sony were nicer they;d have a section for australian fans ,,as we are here with burning branch as well,,or i'd even accept a australasian section covering our ozzznoid friend pascal ozzy as well,,imo if that were the case i'd have a lot more posts,,and i know you say that with a smile (i hope) ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha and you knew i'd come in on this didnt you ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

gimpnoid ,,the ledgend grows LOL

ah scapeth of the long wind...i do love reading your posts and duly brake into a smile when i see you've posted. right. who's to know what is what about Butler and Ward. I just based that on seeing Ward in two different interviews talking about Ozzy after the breakup, both a few years into Ozzy's solo gig. at the time when what remained of Sabbath was gone and Ozzy was out on the road doing fantastic. also on seeing Butler on stage with Ozzy. and then, just a woman's drawing lines between the dots projected from what is known. in all of which Ozzy has seemed kind of oblivious, if not expressing a sense of hurt at what happened, which is charming as all hello. but - who really knows. only the three of them. not me, that's for sure.

btw, i too am long-winded on occasion, that is no slur, it i a reflection of your post length. no negativity intended. :0) it's nice to read a well constructed thought, not that gimp-a-long isn't capable of them from time to time, kind of like a rare rare (blades walks away, comes back 3 hours later still saying rare) treat from him... don't cha know those sorts of connected sentences don't add bling to his total post count which is key to his existance. soooooo. and as for the rest of the reg'la's? well, it's a tough bunch to get more than 2-3 sentences at a time from. with any consistancy anyways. lol.

I agree blades that jealousy was the main factor in Ozzy being booted out, and then subsequently the other members leaving as well. However I do believe that drugs were the main contributor to that happening. Anyone who has dealt with addiction knows all to well the side effects of them, paranoia being the most common one mentioned or brought up. With paranoia one also experiences insecurity, and with insecurity comes jealousy, and yes I believe Iommi was extremely jealous of Ozzy.

Iommi is and always will be a control freak, and like you said it shows on his face often in interviews. Just here a few nights ago I was watching the last supper dvd and I found it fascinating watching the four of them interact, and during the course of the dvd I noticed many times that Iommi’s face would contort or look uncomfortable, so yes Iommi is a very complex guy, and humility isn’t one of his stronger traits if you ask me.

As for the way you feel about post Sabbath without Ozzy, you are preaching to the choir when you say you don’t consider Dio Sabbath material to be what you consider to be quote unquote The True Black Sabbath! The only thing with me is I enjoyed some of what Dio did with Sabbath, but mostly what I enjoyed was what he did solo, and those records I enjoyed at the time, and in retrospect I enjoy listening to them today. But no matter how much a Dio fan may bang on that drum that he is better or equal to Ozzy I still only march around for one f***in’ guy and that is the original singer of Sabbath, & his name is Ozzy f***in’ Osbourne!

As for your views on the remaining members after Ozzy was ejected from Sabbath. I do hear what your saying, partly..

Most of the guys, yes even Iommi has openly said himself that they really f***ed up. Bill primarily has said time after time how he felt like s*** back then, and still carries guilt for not standing up to Tony and instead going along with the over all census that Ozzy must go. To make matters and the guilt even worse he was the one who told Ozzy he was out of the band personally, so on drugs or not Bill and the others should have had a bit more backbone I kind of agree..

However with that said even at the time when they didn’t show much backbone or class in the dismissal of Ozzy in passing years they all have openly admitted and have told Ozzy they f***ed up big time & they were sorry. Iommi not as much I have noticed, but even hard ass Tony Iommi has in his own way offered out the olive branch and asked for Ozzy’s forgiveness, or so I think anyway…



<strong>Ozzy:</strong><cite>"I have no regrets except that I wasn't up to keep Randy (Rhoads) from getting on that plane." (Ozzy Osbourne, Guitar World Issue 37, 2000)

another valued comment by gimp---
reply to blades post 21-16
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
im sorry blades but your crackin me up with the torment you throw my direction ha ha ha ha ha ha ,,not here in this thread but mainly in off topic ha ha ha ha ha ha and in 40 years of madness,,keep up the great work,,im lovin it

gimpnoid ,,the ledgend grows LOL

and? i don't wish Dio or his fans poorly. but i cannot minimize the =BOOOOF feeling of incredible disappointment when the band took the stage and Ozzy was not there. To me, like gimp said, that was NOT Sabbath and they should have billed differently. except for the fact that they (the remaining 3) felt they were Sabbath and Ozzy was an expendable part of it. that all their problems would disappear with him gone. i guess they made a poor gamble on that one.

the way Ward and Butler came round later only struck me as what weasels would do after packing in with what they thought was their best bet. when they saw the decay of Sabbath and the fame of Ozzy, why wouldn't they come a callin' saying "oh, they were just being controlled by Iommi." give me a break, they were grown men. why not just step up and say "hey, i was an @ss for how i treated you, and am sorry for my part in what the band as a whole did to you. i hope you will forgive me, and can set that behind us. i'd like to be friends."

my reaction to Dio is and remains an honest reflection of seeing the man in person on stage. i don't like his voice, and his outfit on that tour was a bit weird.

I still think happened between Iommi (Ward & Butler too perhaps) and Ozzy had to do with jealousy. he was a domineering alpha male in a pen with another male dog (Ozzy), and he did not like sharing. The drug use was secondary. It's what I get from watching them on film together from body language, gut instinct. I think Ozzy was oblivious to that. Iommi strikes me as the kind of man who pays alot of attention to details like who is getting attention, just from watching him. things said here and there by the band about him only confirm what i sense from seeing him and how he moves, talks, interacts.

O wicked woman tell me what video when I next speak!

Let RJD do what he does as long as he keeps clear of original Sabbath Stuff

Number 1

yeah i agree scapes,,personally i have no sabbath records with any other singer other than ozzy,,and you are right ,,dio should have respect he is a main player in the metal world and yes 40 years is proof enuf,,i have never dissed dio ,other than his voice is not what i like but thats me oh and i may have said he is a short arse dude ha ha ha ha ha ha ,,i have some dio eg-- holy diver and a compilation called dio diamonds,,any body with a metal collection should at least have holy diver in it wether you like him or not,,that album kiks arse,,i have posted before down a bit from here statin my case,,,,i am a OZZY fan thru and thru he released me when i was a youngen but that doesnt have nothing to do with dio and his legacy,,,,

gimpnoid ,,the ledgend grows LOL

Part one of two.... Sorry ............ lol

I am aware I have previously commented on this thread, but due to its resurgence I am compelled to do so again, please forgive me. lol

I am going to try an explain my thoughts on this topic as best I can without being rude or disrespectful to anyone, no matter your stance on either man.

To begin with Ozzy is one quarter of the band known to us all as the immortal black Sabbath. In that alone he deserves our tribute, Ozzy is a founding father of the band that is credited not just by some, but the moral majority with engineering heavy rock music, and for that you should show your respect and admiration for the man.

As for Ozzy after Sabbath, well we are talking about a guy that allowed himself to succumb to heavy drug use, and even though the rest of the band members were not in much better shape at the time, Ozzy being in a far worse state was removed from the Sabbath line up. Now as history shows Sharon stepped in and gave Ozzy the boot, and pushed him to move forward, which he did with Randy. And as far as the success of the first two albums with Randy went it wasn’t just a surprise to the guys in Sabbath, I believe it was even a surprise for Ozzy himself. Now in my eyes even though Ozzy has had his ups & downs over the years he never has had to play clubs in order to sustain his career, in fact Ozzy has had to do very little as far as reinventing himself in order to stay popular or relevant over the years, and even though I do admire the other core members of Sabbath, none of them can say the same really.

Now when Ozzy reunited with the original line up of black Sabbath Iommi had successfully run the Sabbath name into the ground, in fact so much so that even being the fan that I am, I am myself unable to keep track of all the different members that came and went after Ozzy’s dismissal from the band. So here we have Iommi the only one left, and by his misdirection & bad decisions over the years following Ozzy’s dismissal had managed to run off every original member other than himself. Iommi stood alone owning the name but very little else really, what he was doing with the Sabbath mantle was nothing short than what Gene has done to the name Kiss, shameful really when you look at it clearly..

Now Ozzy noticing all this made a few calls and reunited them all for the Ozzfest line up, therefore breathing new life into the lungs of what was once known as black Sabbath to a whole new generation of kids, and the name was saved from becoming a disgrace, a joke essentially. Trust me Iommi didn’t do Ozzy any favors back then by reuniting really, it was certainly the other way around. Ozzy had Ozzfest, while Iommi had clubs shows with half sold out venues; Iommi was hanging on by his nails & he knew it.


Now Back when Ozzy was originally dismissed from Sabbath Iommi had met up with Dio, they did a couple of songs and Iommi liked the sound, so much so in fact that Iommi asked Ronnie to join the band and make it a permanent thing. Now somehow by those certain events and that only people want, or expect you to like one or the other. I say why is it I have to choose, and why even compare them. Comparing either man is a disservice to them both because they are nothing alike in vocal style or even stage presence, comparing Dio to Ozzy is like one comparing a car to a bicycle, ya they both have wheels but other than that they are nothing alike!

As for Dio hating Ozzy, or Ozzy hating Dio, that’s all bulls***, they had a few things that were said back in the day via the press, but outside of that neither man has ever confronted the other guy personally, in fact when one is asked about the other they both give out their own praises. Especially Dio, Ronnie is one of the nicest guys in our genre of music, a real gentleman in fact, despite the popular belief with some Sabbath & Ozzy fans that Dio is an a**hole is rubbish. And on the flip side of the coin Ozzy has always said even though he doesn’t consider Dio’s tenure with Sabbath as the true real personification of Sabbath he has never went any farther an said that Dio was a s*** vocalist, or Dio is any less than him as far as talent goes. So my question is if neither of these two men conduct themselves this way then why do we the fans find it necessary to start s*** with one another about it. Why is it I can’t enjoy what both men have done, each of them on their own merits, why must I choose is what I ask you all, particularly you RJD fans that want to frequent here. I mean I understand someone not being a Dio fan, or an Ozzy fan due to personal taste in music an all. But to feel or believe you cant like one if you like the other is just juvenile as hell, and I don’t get it, period..

I enjoy both men and their music, obviously for many different reasons, but at the end of the day I do admire them both!

Dio at this stage of my life is nostalgia, where Ozzy & his music with Sabbath I feel holds up better over time, in fact already has held up a forty year old test of time, so nuff said there. I mean no disrespect to Ronnie, but at the end of the day he is not an Ozzy Osbourne, nor does he have the credits in order to be.

Dio in music history will not be titled as pioneering a whole genre of music, and Dio has even himself acknowledged that fact. Dio knows he isn’t Ozzy Osbourne, and that there are very few people that are in our genre.

As far as it all goes Ronnie will be in the history books for a fact, but it won’t be because of his work with Sabbath alone, instead I feel it will be for a lot more than that lil fact. I think he will have his own legacy and his own achievements that will put him there. An when Dio fans & Ozzy fans accept that then maybe you can really enjoy what they both have contributed to the world of heavy music, instead of being juvenile and feeling you must ostracize one over another, missing out on so much music, great music!

Grow up already; nothing should determine your liking either of them other than you’re own personal taste in music!

And just remember one mans Ronnie James Dio is another mans Ozzy f***in’ Osbourne, show a little respect for the both of them that’s all I’m saying!

Ozzy Rules!

c,mon blades im always frazzled,,what bloody video where ha ha ha ha ha

gimpnoid ,,the ledgend grows LOL

you're sounding a bit frazzled gimp... have you watched the video yet?

watch the video
watch the video
watch the video
watch the video

well what led me to any conclusion,,i dont really have a ending to anything as a gimp always rethinks and rethinks stuff,,its great to think and put myself on the other side of any sitch,,
now for what you are saying i have said it before in these threads that when a band has a singer change of the singer dies the name should be changed
i have always said this about music bands and will continue to do so on this subject and all my thinkin will probably never change,,,,ozzy is sabbath and bon scott is ac/dc,like iron maidons druce dickenson and judas priest rob halford and so forth
so in actuall fact blades yes you are agreeing with me,,ask 82-he agreed with me a while back when i said this,,,and it made him feel strange to agree with a gimp,,just like you at this mome,,dont worry right now your feeling confused and bewildered and wondering my god, gimp actually has thoughts other than torment and festerment ,,,now 82 got over this by drinking into a state of oblivion,and if you may let me suggest you could take to pain releivers and hope you forget me by morning,,ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha this is usually the out come when any one agrees with a gimp ,ive had this affect on other people,,dont seek sykiatric help dont seek doctors advice ,that never helps,,,ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

gimpnoid ,,the ledgend grows LOL

(ah, but what led you to that conclusion?)

You raise the blade, you make the change
You re-arrange me 'till I'm sane

hey blades ,,tell me you just didnt agree with me ,did you,,wow what is this ozsite comin too ha ha ha ha ha

(gimp walks away confused and baffled,shakin his head in dismay thinkin wow only in a parralell universe would blades actually agree with me ) ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha yeah cool but it is true that only ozzy gave sabbath the right voice

gimpnoid ,,the ledgend grows LOL

agree with most of what you said ragman =except= i don't with the statement that dio has a better voice than ozzy. i have always loved ozzy's voice, it speaks to me on a cellular level or gut level, much like sully erna or james hetfield. dio's voice is annoying to me, like a fly gets more so with each verse i hear. it's not that i am not open to him, it just strikes me that way.

now by saying so i wish to be clear for the rabid dio defenders of the universe: i do not wish him poorly in his career, or his health, i find his diagnosis extraordinarily sad. i am rooting for a full and victorious recovery for him. as i would and do all the unknowns living with that diagnosis and without the financial resources stars have. cancer sucks!

i saw dio with the rest of Sabbath in concert right when the switch occurred, and i have to agree with gimp. while everyone went to see Sabbath, only the shell of the music was there cuz ozzy wasn't singing or interacting with the crowd. everyone loved the songs with ozzy's voice, not dio's. no matter how classically trained his voice is, it just isn't that raw bleeding soulful sound ozzy has, nor in a bazillion years has he ever had ozzy's stage presence. actually he was kind of comical if you must know, i still can't get over the 18" platforms, leather get up, and frizzy hair this many years later.

if a man sets himself up by stepping into the shoes of a ledge, with all of the fans that ozzy had and retained, thinking things would ever be the same, that would create an unrealistic situation for you. i think the resentment went beyond dio, it went to iommi and ward and butler, honestly. maybe they realized the way people responded to ozzy and hated that back then, were jealous of it. ya know? i think what they did was reprehensible. truth be told. many factors were in there prolly. Sabbaths music had started to get a bit lame. and the harpie whispering in ozzy's ear (sharon) most likely encouraged thoughts about what he could do without the shackles of Sabbath, his wife Thelma, yada yada. recall she was doing coke with him, partying at clubs, having a good old time with him living wildly in the fast lane and like stars. i think because it manipulated the reality she wanted. she entranced ozzy with money and power from her fathers connections from day 1. she wanted the man, and was going to do whatever she had to to get him.

when that special something lives in there as it does with ozzy, the way people react to him liking him on a gut level, that's just the way it is.

i got one thing to say,,i only listen to sabbath with ozzy's voice other sabbath voice chimes as well as ozzy's,,and they should of changed there name,,the singer is the sound that holds the name,,if you understand me,,

gimpnoid ,,the ledgend grows LOL

look my friend dio and his fans can say what they like, dio is a fantasic singer and i love him and am sad to here that he is sick, but the fact is when ozzy was kicked out of sabbath toni ,dio none of them new that ozzy would rise up become bigger and better and with ozzy having a lesser voice than dio and to have achieved more that must really hurt him thats why he talks s*** about ozzy and they dident think that ozzy would hook up with an really outstanding player in randy and together they blew away sabbath

yeah cool i know how you are with thrash and death,,thats fine with me ,,i was just saying to andy england has brought out some really cool genres,,i live with mtrs gimp and she detests most of my metal ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ah i get why its not liked,,its a journey to be had by the most gimpish ha ha ha ha ha ha ha MEEEEEEEEEEEE

gimpnoid ,,the ledgend grows LOL

not sure where all that came from Andy. but i don't like his voice. or his music period. some do. some don't. i'm one who don't.

just as you don't like thrash/death metal. some don't like Dio.

ps> gimp, it's not for listening to different bands...for me it's the nonsensical vocals. i don't like them. i am open, i've paid for and gone to concerts - and i end up feeling the same way - i don't like that genre of metal.

hey andy i got some death thrash stuff that would open and blow your mind,,yea yeah i know you dont like it and thats ok with me but keep your mind open my english counterpart,,dont block it from your ears ,,like the album by satyricon -dark medi evil times,,man thats a massive album,,i could add about 100 albums to the blow you away selection that are death or thrash,,im just saying my friend keep a open mind when encoutering it,,,some albums that have come from your shores like carcass -reek of putrefaction and cradle of filth's -the principle of evil made flesh,,there like a symphony of treasures,,,,

gimpnoid ,,the ledgend grows LOL

OMG I can not believe that I am agreeing with sleepy hollow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When Ozzy was kicked out of Sabbath by Tony, I stopped buying Sabbath Albums (at my age That is all we had if you wanted to keep it, wher as Cassttes degenerate in time, something to do with the magnetics, so you have to keep playing them to keep it!) And then I heard some DIO singing with Sabbath and I thought OK then, and then started back buying, and those of you who got to know me, have seen my OZZY CD collection, and some of the limited edition Sabbath and Ozzy Vinal stuff!

OPEN you eyes, and your mind young person, and it will blow your mind!

As I have said on many occassions that Dio can NOT sing OZZY stuff, and Ozzy can only sing a fraction of the Dio stuff, and I doo mean a fraction, as it is to do with their respective vocal styles and ranges!

OZZY is one of a kind along with the likes of Robert Plant, Ian Gillian, and even Roger Daultry, as they started the rock industry going. Admitedly Roger was a Mod, BUT hey their stuff also blows my mind!Virtually every singer/band have followed their styles.

For me you can keep Death, Thrash, and alsorts of rubbish like that! However, some of you like it and it would be wrong of me to say NO MORE death/Thrash metal! Each to their own, so open your eyes and mind youg person!

Also I quite liked Ozzy with Was NOT Was along with that model whose name I forgot singing " bang your head". Ozzy singing with other genres means even more people are up for convertion to Ozzy and metal as a whole! And if you want to be a complete bigot do not bother listening to any modern music as most of is comes from those pesky black slaves in the deep south of America! ANd also remember there was a black singer doing what ELVIS did before Elvis hit the big time! My how things have changed for the better, as now Elvis would not have had a lookin, as this black bloke would have been seen and accomplished as the founder of rock and roll!

Are you not glad times change and mostly for the better, or do you want to go back to children going up chimmneys to clean them, and everyone living in abject poverty?

Long live rock and roll, if only Ozzy/Sabbath had not come up with that one!

Number 1


I can't be "cold mind" to talk about Dio, I do love him. I really like his voice, his songs, his style. I'll try to be neutral. Let's talk about 3 albums: Rainbow Rising, Heaven and Hell and Holy Diver. Dio is great. A metal fan must respect him and admit his contribution to metal history

well dio is part of the metal growth now and back in the day,,the man should have respect,,for me im ok with dios music ,,i have what i like of his ,,he is what he is,,i dont like some and i do like some,,but he should have respect,,he is a main player of metal over the years

gimpnoid ,,the ledgend grows LOL

How old are you 12?
so ozzy is a real rocker that makes duets with BUSTA RHYMES and JESSICA SIMPSON what els waiting for
Ozzy always was lucky to have great musisans around him thats RED FORMAN would say YOU D#####

Hell Ozzy sang for Sabbath when he was stoned. I agree with that bit about The Osbournes. But each singer has things the other doesn't. Dio writes his lyrics and has a more powerful voice that has held up, but Ozzy is a much better showman and entertainer and has discovered many great musicians.

They are certainly different in terms of music and personality but they are both great solo and with Sabbath. And niether one is innocent from this feud of theirs, each has insulted and done their piece about burrying the hatchet.

Is good to see you guys defending Ozzy so much as I've always done the same thing.....but keep on mind one thing....a long time ago a magazine asked a buck of metal bands what's the best revenge they ever had for anything...there were all kinds of answers like.."I f***ed his woman" or "I beat him up"...but Ozzy gave the best answer when he said his best revenge is "succes"....after al these years he's still kicking ass and he'll always be knows as the best metal singer of all times....btw, I love Maiden and I think Dio is/was a good guys don't have to hate any other singer(unless the sing rap)cos Ozzy will always be the best.

Ozzy rules!!

Dio has an incredible voice, his Sabbath work and first two solo albums were phenomenal. Unfortunately he kind of ran out of material and sort of became poppy. I don't understand how you could hate Dio, it's kind of like loving Metallica and hating Megadeth or loving spaghetti and hating riggatoni. They are basically the same thing. If you want to hate something try LL Cool J.

Dio is fine with his own music. He will never be a Black Sabbath front man IMO...... It is Tony, Geezer, Bill and Ozzy.... CASE CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No arguments here cause the high courts have already made this ruling..... No appeals LOL................... ;)

Ozzy is great with Sabbath so is Dio they are two completely different singers...I seen both versions live and out of respect to Ozzy they dont do any of the tunes Ozzy sang as well as they dont use the name ! anyway Dio has nothing but nice things to say about Ozzy ! As well Ozzy the same ! if you dont like Dio with sabbath thats your opinion Bottom line dont listen to Dio's music or read about him !

Ozzy is the man. Always will be the one who started it all. But I have a couple Dio cds and he has a great voice. Its the same thing as the people who compare Priest with Maiden. They're both great , they have their cds that rock and some that suck. I LOVE OZZY he will always be my fav. Just like Priest. But Dio and Maiden can't be booted in the ass. Cause they rock to.

Sorry but he fronted Sabbath from 1979-1982, then again from 1991-1992, and yet again from 2006-present day (until the H&H tour is over)

Tony Iommi = God, his arch angels are Ozzy Osbourne, Dave Walker, Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan, Dave Donato, Glenn Hughes, Ray Gillen, Tony Martin, and Bill Ward (bassically everyone who sang on a song labeled Black Sabbath)

I'm a huge Ozzy fan, thats of course why i'm on this site. Both ozzy and Dio are great singers. I dislike Dio a bit for a few reasons and none are just becuz "he's dumb as s***" or cuz he replaced Ozzy. It is because he has a huge ego. He makes claims like he invented the 'devil horns" i'm sorry but that is s***! Although he has stopped blaintantly s*** talking Ozzy in interviews whenever Ozzy comes up he still has this HUGE attitued like he is so much better than Ozzy, when in all actuality as far as the biz goes Ozzy has far outdone Dio by a long run. The biggest reason though is I'm just not huge into the music Dio makes. He writes about s*** I'm just not into, the way he writes about dragons and medievil times and all that good and evil s***, just makes me think of a bunch of nerds hanging out in their basements playing dungeons and dragons and listening to Dio singing about "riding a f***in tiger!"

So it's cool to dislike Dio, its all your opinion. Just please have an actual reason to back up your opinion

Dio is great. Ozzy is great. You don't have to like Dio just like you don't have to like David Coverdale. Listen to the music you like and don't complain about the music you don't like. I like Dio and EVERY era of Black Sabbath ((Ian Gillian, Glenn Hughes, Ray Gillen, and Tony Martin)

I must disagree with the Ozzy is the real deal because it has been 10 f***ing years since he reunited with Sabbath and we've only gotten 2 studio songs (one of which doesn't have Bill playing drums) a one new live song. They are all great but Ozzy is jerking us around touring with Sabbath every other year and promising new material and never delivering.

Tony got together with Ronnie and wrote three amazing songs. I just don't understand how Ozzy can release an amazing new album with Zakk and not even try with Tony. Fused was awsome Black Rain is killer.

I think its kind of sad that if Dio had never fronted for Sabbath, & was only known for his music with Rainbow, & his solo work, that people would put him on a much higher plateau than what he is regarded at. Dio was one of the heavier rock artists out there in his day, & basically helped pioneer the metal scene into what it is at present, & that is dark, heavy, & provocative. The only reason Dio's music creativity, or contributions are questioned is because he tried to fill Ozzy’s shoes when Iommi & Bill gave him the boot out of Sabbath. If it weren’t for that one little, but significant fact, we would all be yackin about what a great singer he was, & how he started the whole devil horns sign, & how cool that s*** was. But instead yet even today people want to compare Dio & Ozzy together. As for me, myself, & I, doing that is almost the same as trying to compare John Lennon, & Elvis up together. For crying out loud they sound nothing-alike people, & their whole style and approach is totally different. So it is with this thought that I will part with ya, we as Sabbath & Ozzy fans need to grow the f*** up & just let it all rest, after all its all in the past, nothing more than musical history fact & nothing more.


Ozzy is great and so is Dio. they both made some amazing music with Sabbath, and i'm seeing em on saturday. if you dont like Dio, fine. but at least have a better reason than "he's stupid as s***".

and you know what? if you dont like the comments on Blabbermouth, maybe you shouldnt be there.

I dunno, but one time I visited Dio's website and some wind-up poster wrote something that almost made me spit my soda through my nose from laughing so hard. He wrote:

"Ronnie James Dio needs a stepladder in order to kiss Ozzy's ass!"

THAT was a good one! Dio's alright, but he's not about sex all that much. All that devils,dungeons,dragons and rainbows and what have you. Not my cup of tea. I met Dio backstage during Sabbath's 'Dehumanizer' tour. A very gracious man, but -man! He's -literally- like 4 feet tall! It was surreal!

Dio is a great singer...but in the last years he sounds like a bad copy from himself, the same melodies, the same tone, the same lyrics, the same stupid fans.
His success has fineshed in midles of the 80's due to the lack of inspiration in his songs. Because he is a more technical singer than Ozzy is, he never could accept the ruge success reached by Ozzy. It was cause of envy by Dio, that is always finding a way to underestimate Ozzy's work in his enterviews. What happens is that the Dio's fan were contaminated by this feeling of envy.
Ozzy does not have the same vocal quality that Dio has, but in othe aspects he's been much better, he writes better melodies, he has a more commertial tone, and is not necessary to talk about charism.
Each one has the desearved position in the Rock n' Roll history.
Dio is a great singer, OZZY IS THE KING!!!!

Fabiano Negri - Singer

I must say Im not a Dio hater but it does get pretty f***ing annoying hearing all these people go on and bash Ozzy. These are the same people who if Ozzy walked into the room they would all bow down and kiss his ass.

He may be a very nice person, I don't know. However I have never cared for his music. I am a die hard Ozzy/Sabbath fan and IMO there is no other formula that works for me other than the one the includes Ozzy as Front-man.
When Traveling down the roads of life, you will find yourself upside down at times. So is the nature of the wheel. The smaller your mind the more times you'll turn.

So you rank people on their stature, something they can't control? Are you gonna then judge a vocalist cause they are fat, or a gril? So Dio is short but he has one hell of a voice. And all of his songs aren't D&D. Ever listen to Magica? Awsome album even better with the 20min story narritive at the end. Dehumanizer isn't very well known to me but I don't recall too much D&D/rainbow lyrics on that. I think people base that stereotype on Neon Knights (a great song BTW) or Heaven & Hell. Sure he uses the word "rainbow" in a lot of songs. But there is diversity. Personally I love his Elf and pre-Elf recordings. Very different but I still like them. Check 'em out here:

I really enjoy the tune "Amber Velvey"

P.S. I envy you that you got to see Sabbath on their Dehumanizer tour :)

Dio envies no mortal. If you actually knew his songs you wouldn't being saying that. Ozzy wouldn't be half as much as he is without Sharon exploiting him. And there are a lot of fans that both Ozzy and Dio share.

Tony Iommi = God, his arch angels are Ozzy Osbourne, Dave Walker, Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan, Dave Donato, Glenn Hughes, Ray Gillen, Tony Martin, and Bill Ward (bassically everyone who sang on a song labeled Black Sabbath)

i don't mind dio, but there is only 1 Ozzy!!!!


f*** dio.Ozzy is the MASTER AND COMMANDER OF ALL. I think if your here you should be ozzy all the way.If you want to be all sweet and nice and say dio is ok too you shouldn't f***ing be here

I like Dio, man, hes alright. but no man can compare to the Ozzman

I am the ultimate assassin, i hunt in the dead of night, watching, and waiting for the next victim... I am... RapterX

anybody that knows anything about anything wouldnt be talking down on me, someone saying "Dio Sux" is very ignorant....thats like saying George Bush is a genius.... I went to the Heaven and Hell, Megadeth, Machine head show in albuquerque , helluva show.

so eat it

i cant stand dio