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anyone else who cant stand dio?

I so tired of reading dio fanatics comments on music new sites like its so obvious ozzy is the real deal and dio is just a fake f***ing dwarf idiot. his fans a re f***ing stupid as s*** to. its so nice that black rain is coming out soon, so no one will give af*** about dio besides his f***ing loser fans. cant belive another metal singer would s*** talk ozzy so bad, like jesus f***ing christ, he helped create the genre.


I like Ronnie James Dio.

Not as much as I like Ozzy, but I still like Dio.

I like Dio the band!
I like Black Sabbath with Dio on vocals, not as much as I like OZZY'S Sabbath though.
I also like Rainbow and Elf.

Dio's ok, ..................But OZZY Mutha F_ckin' RULEZ!
O Z Z Y - R U L E Z !

You're right. I hate Dio Hes suck a f***ing loser to s*** talk one of the best Heavy metal singers in the f***ing world. Dude I hate mother f***ers like that. They should all die!

~Ozzy Rocks. He will always rock even in his f***ing grave~

i totally agree. Dio sucks. I don't think they should have kept the name Black Sabbath when Dio joined the band. Sabbath without Ozzy is not Sabbath. Dio sounds like a f***ing whiny hair metal pussy. I cannot get into any of the other Sabbath singers. Black Sabbath replacing Ozzy with Dio would be like if The Beatles had replaced John Lennon with someone who sounded like The Beach Boys. To me a band's singer is the band's centerpiece and the band's identity. If the singer is replaced it will no longer sound like the same band. guitarists, drummers, or bassists can be changed, and while it may effect the sound of the band, they can still sound similar enough that most people who liked the band before will continue to like them. A singer is a whole other story. Someone with a voice as unique as Ozzy's cannot be replaced. They should have at least tried to find someone with a similar style, not someone who sounds like a f***ing hair metal singer. If you like Dio, fine, but that's my opinion.

Without any doubt we are all here because we adore Ozzy (by the way, notwithstanding the fact that he’s not a supermodel too!!!), and certainly we are here to love – NOT to hate. If you want to hate someone (esp. somebody like Dio – a heavy metal idol too), then go to another forum on another site and hate there whoever you want to hate!

Is this true? If so that sucks. I like Dio's solo music and always have. Same thing with Maiden. I always liked maiden and bruce dick. But when he (bruce Dick) talked s*** about OZZY and pot smokers at OZZFEST 2005 I lost interest and respect. Still love the music and the rest of the band. I liked Paul Diono from the first 2 albums better anywayz.

No easy way out!

Dio has a tremendous voice, I have to give him props for his sheer talent and his longevity. But that kind of operatic, medieval dungeons and dragons themed music has never done anything for me. I want someone to sing to me about what really goes on in life and how you deal from day to day. That's been a great part of Ozzy's appeal since Day One with Sabbath. You feel like he relates to you, you hear it in the emotion in his voice. Talentwise, Dio could sing Ozzy off the stage but Ozzy is the one who can reach in and touch your soul.

Jealousy fuels a lot of the Ozzy-bashing that goes on, it always has.

Perhaps it's stupid to hate Dio (which I don't do), cause, yeah he's a good artist and all. I just don't like his work and think he's a little dull on the stage.

Always: Expect the worst!

Hey, Ozzy's my all time fav but Dio isn't so bad....I hated him for a while cos I didn't want anybody replacing Ozzy with Sabbath but he's a good singer...just not as good as Ozzy...btw, I dated his

Ozzy rules!!

Fix me!!!


I'm a Ronnie James Dio fan. I like Ozzy a whole lot more... scratch that, I love Ozzy. Now to say Dio sucks just because he said some derogatory things about Ozzy in the past is moronic. Even Ozzy has let by gones be by gones. Plus it's about the music not some personal vendettas. Also, before calling people stupid as s*** and idiots take a look in the mirror. Your spelling and grammer doesn't exactly make you look like king of the geniuses.

I saw Ozzy on Ozzfest last year and saw Dio with Heaven & Hell, and after comparing the two as frontmen, I got to give the advantage to Ozzy. Ozzy can whip any crowd into a frenzy and has more interaction during songs, while Dio can just sing like nobody's business. I prefer Ozzy's style. I just bought Holy Diver and own all of Dio's Sabbath albums, and I like them well enough, but not with the same passion that I do Ozzy's. My philosophy for music is the same for my philosophy of life, you gotta do what works for you.

Here is something that might interest people. Dio wroe the song King Of Rock N Roll about Ozzy.

OzzySakkRhoads, perhaps you missed the part where Ozzy not only started the feud but did his share of trash talking. And perhaps more recently you have missed the positive things they have said about eachother.

Dio RULES!!! AND OZZY TOO... shut up "the haters" u're all stupid

I hate DIO's music and his music with Sabbath.. And it isn't an Ozzy vs DIO thing for me either. I just flat out hate DIO's style.. It sounds sooo outdates and Cheesy.... I would say Ozzy has some outdates sounding stuff from teh 80's but he changes with the times and always sounds relevant... I downlaoded some DIO Sabbath because I was thinking about going to the show... I didnt take long to delete those songs off my computer and passed on the show..

Dio is a legend. So what if he runs down Ozzy. I couldn't care less who's friends with who. Dio is a true legend of rock and (no offence to Ozzy), he never degraded him self just for a bit of cash doing some crap reality Tv series. Dio is probably more talented than Ozzy aswell. Also you can't knock bands like Rainbow, Deep Purple and yes he also sang for Sabbath while Ozzy was stoned.

sheesh you guys are like the dio fans, only difference is we love ozzy and talk s*** of dio insteads on blabbermouth, this topic shouldnt be about dio it should be about those retards in blabbermouth commenting
bullcrap like ozzy pls stop or sharons a b**** bla bla bla

To me, Sabbath only existed to 1980. I can't listen to Dio in Black Sabbath. First of all, of course because it's not Ozzy! but, I don't find the music with Dio very intriguing. When I listen to the originalmusic made with Ozzy, but with Dio's voice, it feels wrong. Dio has a great voice, yeah, but I don't like it. I looove Ozzys voice, because it's very special. And he could nail the high tones in his younger days! Sure, Dio can his thing, and I don't mind him, but I won't listen to his music.

Always: Expect the worst!

Hell Ozzy sang for Sabbath when he was stoned. I agree with that bit about The Osbournes. But each singer has things the other doesn't. Dio writes his lyrics and has a more powerful voice that has held up, but Ozzy is a much better showman and entertainer and has discovered many great musicians.

They are certainly different in terms of music and personality but they are both great solo and with Sabbath. And niether one is innocent from this feud of theirs, each has insulted and done their piece about burrying the hatchet.

Is good to see you guys defending Ozzy so much as I've always done the same thing.....but keep on mind one thing....a long time ago a magazine asked a buck of metal bands what's the best revenge they ever had for anything...there were all kinds of answers like.."I f***ed his woman" or "I beat him up"...but Ozzy gave the best answer when he said his best revenge is "succes"....after al these years he's still kicking ass and he'll always be knows as the best metal singer of all times....btw, I love Maiden and I think Dio is/was a good guys don't have to hate any other singer(unless the sing rap)cos Ozzy will always be the best.

Ozzy rules!!

Dio has an incredible voice, his Sabbath work and first two solo albums were phenomenal. Unfortunately he kind of ran out of material and sort of became poppy. I don't understand how you could hate Dio, it's kind of like loving Metallica and hating Megadeth or loving spaghetti and hating riggatoni. They are basically the same thing. If you want to hate something try LL Cool J.

Dio is fine with his own music. He will never be a Black Sabbath front man IMO...... It is Tony, Geezer, Bill and Ozzy.... CASE CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No arguments here cause the high courts have already made this ruling..... No appeals LOL................... ;)

Ozzy is great with Sabbath so is Dio they are two completely different singers...I seen both versions live and out of respect to Ozzy they dont do any of the tunes Ozzy sang as well as they dont use the name ! anyway Dio has nothing but nice things to say about Ozzy ! As well Ozzy the same ! if you dont like Dio with sabbath thats your opinion Bottom line dont listen to Dio's music or read about him !

Ozzy is the man. Always will be the one who started it all. But I have a couple Dio cds and he has a great voice. Its the same thing as the people who compare Priest with Maiden. They're both great , they have their cds that rock and some that suck. I LOVE OZZY he will always be my fav. Just like Priest. But Dio and Maiden can't be booted in the ass. Cause they rock to.

Sorry but he fronted Sabbath from 1979-1982, then again from 1991-1992, and yet again from 2006-present day (until the H&H tour is over)

Tony Iommi = God, his arch angels are Ozzy Osbourne, Dave Walker, Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan, Dave Donato, Glenn Hughes, Ray Gillen, Tony Martin, and Bill Ward (bassically everyone who sang on a song labeled Black Sabbath)

I'm a huge Ozzy fan, thats of course why i'm on this site. Both ozzy and Dio are great singers. I dislike Dio a bit for a few reasons and none are just becuz "he's dumb as s***" or cuz he replaced Ozzy. It is because he has a huge ego. He makes claims like he invented the 'devil horns" i'm sorry but that is s***! Although he has stopped blaintantly s*** talking Ozzy in interviews whenever Ozzy comes up he still has this HUGE attitued like he is so much better than Ozzy, when in all actuality as far as the biz goes Ozzy has far outdone Dio by a long run. The biggest reason though is I'm just not huge into the music Dio makes. He writes about s*** I'm just not into, the way he writes about dragons and medievil times and all that good and evil s***, just makes me think of a bunch of nerds hanging out in their basements playing dungeons and dragons and listening to Dio singing about "riding a f***in tiger!"

So it's cool to dislike Dio, its all your opinion. Just please have an actual reason to back up your opinion

Dio is great. Ozzy is great. You don't have to like Dio just like you don't have to like David Coverdale. Listen to the music you like and don't complain about the music you don't like. I like Dio and EVERY era of Black Sabbath ((Ian Gillian, Glenn Hughes, Ray Gillen, and Tony Martin)

I must disagree with the Ozzy is the real deal because it has been 10 f***ing years since he reunited with Sabbath and we've only gotten 2 studio songs (one of which doesn't have Bill playing drums) a one new live song. They are all great but Ozzy is jerking us around touring with Sabbath every other year and promising new material and never delivering.

Tony got together with Ronnie and wrote three amazing songs. I just don't understand how Ozzy can release an amazing new album with Zakk and not even try with Tony. Fused was awsome Black Rain is killer.

I think its kind of sad that if Dio had never fronted for Sabbath, & was only known for his music with Rainbow, & his solo work, that people would put him on a much higher plateau than what he is regarded at. Dio was one of the heavier rock artists out there in his day, & basically helped pioneer the metal scene into what it is at present, & that is dark, heavy, & provocative. The only reason Dio's music creativity, or contributions are questioned is because he tried to fill Ozzy’s shoes when Iommi & Bill gave him the boot out of Sabbath. If it weren’t for that one little, but significant fact, we would all be yackin about what a great singer he was, & how he started the whole devil horns sign, & how cool that s*** was. But instead yet even today people want to compare Dio & Ozzy together. As for me, myself, & I, doing that is almost the same as trying to compare John Lennon, & Elvis up together. For crying out loud they sound nothing-alike people, & their whole style and approach is totally different. So it is with this thought that I will part with ya, we as Sabbath & Ozzy fans need to grow the f*** up & just let it all rest, after all its all in the past, nothing more than musical history fact & nothing more.


Ozzy is great and so is Dio. they both made some amazing music with Sabbath, and i'm seeing em on saturday. if you dont like Dio, fine. but at least have a better reason than "he's stupid as s***".

and you know what? if you dont like the comments on Blabbermouth, maybe you shouldnt be there.

I dunno, but one time I visited Dio's website and some wind-up poster wrote something that almost made me spit my soda through my nose from laughing so hard. He wrote:

"Ronnie James Dio needs a stepladder in order to kiss Ozzy's ass!"

THAT was a good one! Dio's alright, but he's not about sex all that much. All that devils,dungeons,dragons and rainbows and what have you. Not my cup of tea. I met Dio backstage during Sabbath's 'Dehumanizer' tour. A very gracious man, but -man! He's -literally- like 4 feet tall! It was surreal!