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Can We All Say Thanks Ozzy and Sharon

I know it took a f***ing long time to get tickets!! And I know some of you said you would have rathered paid for it!! But come on how many groups or singers give tickets away for all of their shows? I know some of you are so pissed off you want to say others things to Sharon or Ozzy!! But this should just be a thread to say................. Thanks Ozzy and Thanks Sharon


Well I guess I can say..............
Thanks Sharon and Ozzy

I agree. Some people let their emotions get the best of them, me included. I think its f***ing awesome the tickets are free.

Thanks Sharon and Ozzy.

I think it's great.... but it just gives late night talk show ass heads something else to bash him about.

Thanks to Sharon and Ozzy for their show "The Osbournes". No, I' don't like reality-shows, but I'm happy to watch Ozzy every day!)))