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Hellew peeps!

hello to everyone, i'm Sarah 34 from sunny Swansea....errrrr dunno what to say now apart from i been an Ozzy fan since i was 13...hell of a long time ago eh? Blizzard of Ozz is my fav album, so far ...saw Ozzy in 88 at Birmingham, front row, awesome! me n my mate threw our bra on stage n Ozzy picked them up n was holding them hehe, best moment of my life! Hpoe to make new mates :-)


Sounds like a blast. I am 37 and in Denver. I have only gotten to see Ozzy once about 10 years ago, and with a baby and being single mom, I don't expect to have an opportunity rise up any time soon, unfortunately. But Good talking to you.
Ciao, Nette