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Ozzy Istanbul TURKEY Concert on September 30

Finally the legend is coming to Turkey,i got my ticket,my new Scream album cover t-shirt,i got the new album Scream and i am waiting for the concert.

Are there any fans who will attend this concert,i really would like to know.

Take care.


I am sorely disappointed in Ozzy who was a rock hero of mine....sadly no more after playing Tel Aviv ISRAELI ENTITY State..
To me that is only the place for "has-beens" or the delusional. He is, in playing there supporting the Iraeli slow genocide of the Palestinian people. SHAME... KatD77

I am off my way to Istanbul from Izmir in a couple of hours to see Mr.Ozzy Osbourne.See you there...:-))

not this woman...that's a bit far for me to travel lol. but i'm glad to hear that you'll be rocking out with him when he comes! right on!