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Life Won't Wait


Very up beat song!!! " With a TWIST of DARKNESS!!!"

Very up beat song!!! " With a TWIST of DARKNESS!!!"

Ozzy Osbourn is God to me.Randy Rodes will never be dead to me.His ART LIVES forever.

Hey f*** nut King of it all:

(of course this message goes out to everyone in Calib**** now)

I am NOT guilty of self gratification I am PROUD of it.

figure that out while the pope is raping you up the ass like you nigger deserve :)

Ewok joke:
How can the interdiciplinary fetish centerdness of religiouse social standard intermarry with a benign context amidst the Jungian conundrum of tribal gratification?


f*** you woman haterZ

Oh I'm a little golden maid

dance a flutter on parade

sipping sweet about the cats

I am Freya NOT a little brat!!!

Oh look at me I'm Freya free

(and freya's NOT Russia)

sip sip wheeeee....

i f***ing hate my life so i killed a egg of a chicken for breakfast. happy f***ing monday

I want you Ozzy

I want you Ozzy