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and frankly?

I'm glad that this place isn't flooded any longer. that really belongs on a different site, such as where it is now, on Facebook. some random discussion is interesting, but i think it's a waste of web space to have the kinds of ridiculous threads that have been here this past year.

my prayer is that this site gets a MAJOR overhaul. big time. and that they don't just take the first brilliant idea for upgrade from their current resident staff, but shop it out openly to coders who use FLASH to build websites. THAT would be awesome.

This is the s*** I'm talking: <a href=""></a> Built around the whole theme of Ozzy, and his career.


...check this one out:

<a href=""></a>

or this one:

<a href=""></a>

that's what I'm talkin' bout!

i was certified in this stuff. i can't say i can DO everything you see, but i have seen this done, and once you've seen it, regular $h!t is such a F*N yawn! this stuff is COOL !~*

and by the way? i suck at the games lol!!!

the thing is, there has to be a vision. a concept of what something COULD be. and, there has to be an investment in the building of the site. it's expensive. some coders charge $500-$750 for a flash component, and as you can see on the 2advanced site, several interactively can get expensive.

HOWEVER. if there was a shop out for OZZY FANS who also know how to code with Flash, well, I wonder if there would be any portion of that included just because they love Ozzy and would want something extremely cool for him and his website.

This stuff is not easy. but? it's not rocket science either. sure it takes time to develop a thematic site such as you see shown. but once the general concept is arrived at, populating is just a matter of time and commitment to making something really cool.

the whole site needn't be flash. and, some elements can remain stationary (navigation for instance) that are Flash based so the animation is always present while static content changes.

LOL. I built some animations in my company website way preceding when the whole company was even ready for this kind of thing. Of course being a corporation it was not allowed by the central IT organization unless it was built by them. and, given nobody there had the skill set, that meant it wasn't going to be allowed period. but to my intense enjoyment, over the past 4 years, they have engaged Flash elements alot more in their central web portal, and that is AWESOME!!!!

...whistling, waiting for Asylum to read this post and tell me what he thinks of Flash websites...

slaps Asylum with a large trout, on the left cheek, soundly. then shifts to the other side, to be sure he understands how annoying it is to await a response.