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Petition: Ozzy In Portugal

There are so many fans waiting for the first Ozzy Concert in Portugal. Please Ozzy come to Lisbon.


We the Portuguese Ozzy fans deserve for once in our lifetime to have the priveledge to see and ear the King of Metal! It will be OZZsome!!!

There are thousands of metal fans in Portugal although we don't have regular metal fests here! So, being a metal fan, is at least the same as being a ozzy or/and a sabbath fan. I had a ticket to the Ozzfest (perhaps 2 hrs of a show) but insted i ate my diner watching him play Paranoid to the queen (something like 2min and a half)! Then, years later, Heaven and hell were about to play Portugal... RIP Ronnie! No Sabbath tunes in Portugal by anyone of the original line-up.
Mr. Osbourne, we know you're not geting younger but we really love you! Personaly, i will take to the grave the sorrow of never seeing RR. Please, let us see you. God bless you.

PS: hey you! whoever you are! The guy that reads these comments to Ozzy! Make sure the message follows the destiny.
PS2: i know who was the woman on the first Sabbath cover...

sou um grande fan do ozzy e quero que o ozzy venha a lisboa.
ozzy rules

Ozzy osbourne Please, come to Portugal, the biggest fans of ozzy and black sabbath are here, all Portugal liked having a man like passwords to live in our country, you're a real man Ozzy.
In Portugal all love you and want you to see live.
Scream is a good job.
Pls Come to Portugal metal lives in portugal. \m/ \m/

Hi. I´m concerned about the possibility that here in my country,
Portugal, we will never get the possibility to see Ozzy
Osbourne live. There are so many Ozzy fans in Portugal.
Thanks, compliments


Ozzy really needs to come to Portugal, he has so many fans waiting for him.. young ones, old ones.. so many people! It kinda hurts not being able to see a Ozzy concert.. not having him coming here to portugal, and it must hurt to a lot of other Fans of ozzy! So Pleas come here ozzy! God Of darkness, our hero! Your amazing!

come to portugal please



Ozzy, let us hear you scream in Portugal!
After the first gig, you won't wanna stop!!
Please bring us some real metal!!!

Ozzy please come to portugal, we wanto to see you in Porto an Lisbon \m/

Ozzy please come to portugal, we wanto to see you in Porto an Lisbon \m/

Hey! a few years ago we had the ozzfest, but ozzy didnt came, we undersatnd sharon was sick, but i remember the cancel note said i will came to make those concerts... but that never appens...

like a few portugueses i was in zaragoza in 2007 just to see ozzy, but those fans didnt diserve an ozzy show like we does...they were ther specialy to see power metal bands...we ozzy played the last song paranoid... the crowed didnt make enough noise.... please came year, we will sold out your show, and you will see how we get fuc?ing crazy!!!!!

i guess this year i will have to make another trip if i wanna see ozzy again...

Mr. Osbourne, do you know what Portugal is? Try a map!

Hey! I'm a girl from Belgium and I really love Ozzy! I hope he'll come for you to Portugal soon!
But here's the thing, I compete a competetion for a MEET AND GREET with Ozzy! do you all want to VOTE FOR ME PLEASE? here's the link! THANK YOU!!

I lost all faith in it. I still have the ticket ozzfest without ozzy .... we all know why he did not appear. ozzy said he would return next year and ... lies! !!!!
I do not know anymore if I love or I hate you. that's it. I do not have anything else to say. I lost all my faith...... to sad.

Hi ya Ozzman fans from Portugal. Did ya know, back in 73, that Sabbath was to play at the jazz festival in Cascais on their vol 4 tour?! And it was cancelled.. Is it the sun from Portugal? ... what seems to be the problem? ...

=D where do i sign MWAHAHAHAHAHAH... ozzy rules

I guess I must seem out of place. But it seems to happen to me wherever I go I am from the United States. And if you're going to Portugal, why not come to teh United States first this time? Don' do what Lady Gaga did, you've got to be a better friend then that. She took all them other countries like Russia and Siberia and she went there first and we, the US, ended up last on her list.

I don't think I went through the first tiem can you please come to united ates?

Hi! I'm here again to beg you to perfoming here in Portugal, please! Back in 73 you canceled your presence here. back in 2002 you canceled your presence the Ozzfest ( I still have the ticket). this year you forguet to come here with ozzy and friends.... ok the new album with Sabbath is comming soon ... and then a tour. So I hope you should appear here because we are too sad as you can imagine. We deserve to see you, I guess.
with the bests wishes in this world for you
Ana Martins

There is no one compares with you
Mr ozzy ...i love you so much,all of your songs make the soundtracks of my life.
I would like to know you before i die.

God bless your voice and your brain man.

Christopher Bringhente

When is Ozzy comming to sweden again?

Not even this year you booked in Portugal. I think this is too much. We deserves to see you once in a life time,I think!! The tour are not well organized, so sad! You are missing a lot of countries. I'm very disapointed, Ozzy!!

Existem milhares de fans do Ozzy em Portugal.... questionamos porque nem Ozzy Osbourne nem Black Sabbath vieram a Portugal...faço um apelo a Portugueses que queiram o Ozzy em Portugal a aderirem ao meu pedimento. Muitos Agradecimento (polkatulk)

i sign that pedition. Ozzy live in Portugal. Hell Yeah.

So many live events scheduled for this Summer and not even one
booked OZZY. Come on people wake up.


I SAW OZZY LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ozzy in Portugal!!!! I'm waiting for you here in portugal ozzy

SHARON!!!!! Why don't you book Ozzy there? Those guys need to see the Godfather of Heavy Metal you know..... They love Ozzy as much as the whole world does..... ;-)

Love you all Rose...............
Goodbye To Romance

Please Sharon ... Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase!!!! We Love You Ozzy!!!

Ozzy in Portugal!!!
It would be great if you came to the Rock in Rio Lisboa this year!!!