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This or that - which would you rather?

Give your answer first, then ask your question. Obviously there is no answer on the first post.

Living isolated in a remote forest in Saskatchewan Canada (alone) or working as a relief worker in Africa for AIDS victims?


I'd rather lose a toe.

Would you rather sleep with (men) Courtney Love (or ladies Alice Cooper) or make out with a zombie?

wow. tough one. nobody to talk to or facing AIDS infection. i think it would be the remote forest for me. I always have pets, and would find some to keep the loneliness at bay.

Mashed potatoes with butter or fresh corn on the cob with the same?

corn. totally. duh!
ok, let's see. would you rather have a really grody sock from a hobo taped to your nose for ten minutes or eat 5 worms?

damn. well, wtf.
i think i'd have to take the worms.
ugh. about this. losing a toe or losing a big slice of your heel?

yuk. i would not want to do either. Cooper only because i think he's not dead.
ugh. i would ask for something to induce permanent amnesia first.
If it was for reals, would you rather have an Avatar or a Transformer?

I'd rather have Bumble Bee (a transformer) or Optimus Prime. Though I have to admit having an avatar would be kinda cool, especially flying around on the dragons!

To know what you know of music and never hear another note of it in any way, shape, or form ever again in your life or to live as a paraplegic?


I think probably to live life as a paraplegic. Because if I didn't hear a note of music anymore in my life, I think it would be insanity, rubber rooms!

Would you rather be at a really fancy restaurant with a major crush and laugh to find a string booger hanging out of your nose, or be sitting at a big exam and a huge, irrepressible fart come out and everyone stare?