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-Rare Ozzyness-

Been working on this for quite some time let me know if I missed something.

I Don't Want to Change the World (demo)
Mama, I'm Coming Home" (demo)
Desire (demo)
Won't Be Coming Home (S.I.N. demo)
Perry Mason (live)
See You on the Other Side (demo)
Walk on Water
Bang Bang (You're Dead) ("Facing Hell" demo)
Iron Man (Black Sabbath cover with Therapy?)
N.I.B. (Black Sabbath cover with Primus)
Stayin' Alive (Bee Gees cover with Dweezil Zappa)
Dog, the Bounty Hunter
Mrs. J
Voodoo Dancer
One Up The B-Side
Perry Mason (demo)
I Just Want You (demo)
Tomorrow (demo)
Denial (demo)
Old L.A. Tonight (demo)
Black Skies (Version 1 and 2)
Gary Moore-Speak For Yourself
Bombers Can't Open Bomb Bays
Jack's Land
Born To Be Wild
Led Clones (Gary Moore)
For Heavens Sake 2000
Time After Time (demo)
Behind The Wall Of Sleep (demo)
Fairies Wear Boots (demo)
Back On Earth
I Ain't No Nice Guy
Vertical Man
No Place For Angels
Iron Head
Judgment Day
Psycho Man
Selling My Soul
Shake Your Head
The Rebel
Bark At The Moon (demo)
When I Came Down
Children Of The Grave (demo)
Crucify The Dead
Centre Of Eternity (demo)
Hey Stoopid (demo)
I Know It's Only Rock N' Roll
Masters Of War
Now You See It (demo)
If I Close My Eyes Forever
Busta Rhymes- Iron Man
Winterwonder land
Planet Caravan (demo)
Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (demo)
Shock The Monkey
So Tired (demo)
Solitude (demo)
Into The Void (demo)
Spiders In The Night (demo)
Sweet Leaf (demo)
Tears In Heaven
War Song Of The Urpneys
Let's Go-Trick Daddy
Waiting For Darkness (demo)
Weevil Woman 71'
You're No Different To Me (demo)
Don't Blame Me (Version 1 and 2)
Party With The Animals
Living With The Enemy
Whole World's Falling Down
The Liar
You Lookin' At Me
Yakety Yak
Crazy Train (remix)
Who's Fooling Who?
Buried Alive
Nowhere To Run
Blow On A Jug
Early One Morning
Evil Woman (Flute)
Scary Dreams
Sometimes I'm Happy


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