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Terribly Terribly dissapointed, but still Love ya Ozzy ......This was the 3rd time We (me and my 68 year old mom - cool, uh?) had tickets to see Ozzy and only the 1st time we made it. And how horribly disappointed we were. Ozzy did great !!! The only reason I know this is we walked around outside the arena to listen because where we were sitting the sound was horrible. Muffled and echoing. Dont tell me the stage crew didnt know that when they set the stage up and allowed that area to be seats. The seats should be the same as it shows in the maps when you buy tickets. Especially when you pay $150+ for 2 tickets. How do they live with themselves, ripping people off like this. The map from ticketmaster was nothing like the seat we were sitting in. And i dont think ticketmaster is to blame I think it's the stage crew's fault for putting seats so far to the side of the stage that you couldnt even see the Big Hugh Screen behind the band. My poor mom was in tears. Ozzy's oldest fan and after 3 attempts we finally made a show and didnt get to see anything.


Sorry to hear you had a sh!t experience. Ozzy's show in LA was fantastic. Way past my wildest dreams.

In Phx, however, he allowed the venue to sell the first 14 rows to scalpers. Which meant at time = 0 the best seat was already halfway towards the back of the venue. IT SUCKED. My daughter who is 10 has wanted to see Ozzy since forever. I was beside myself for months waiting to go with her. She missed the show almost entirely because we were so far back and the guys standing in the rows in front of her utterly obscured her view. It was like watching a small figure anyhow. WHAT a RIPOFF! It was crushing to be mid-venue.

I would NEVER do business with Comerica again if I were Ozzy or any other headlining band. THEY ROT.

For the same priced ticket I was 3rd row in ABSOLUTELY STELLAR seats in LA. I cried the entire show. Some of it was bittersweet because so badly I wished my daughter was with me to see Ozzy and before him Slash doing 'her' song (Sweet Child of Mine).

I think this crap happens and Ozzy doesn't know. Why would he be bothered with concerns of a venue like that. His manager wouldn't even know. They worry about the act, not the stadium.

Many people in bleeder seats at venues have mentioned the sound quality being poor. I guess it depends on the venue and an understanding of acoustics. There are bound to be issues.