Interview with Ozzy Osbourne this friday | The Official Ozzy Osbourne Site

Interview with Ozzy Osbourne this friday

On this Friday, we will feature the interview with Ozzy Osbourne exclusively after 6:00PM EST only on The show will include only Ozzy's music.


Ozzzzzzzzzzzz some!!!! You're in Puerto Rico? Letting EVERYONE know! I LOVE OZZY!!!!!!! TELL HIM I LOVE HIM - THIS IS DARKBLADE IN ARIZONA (SHEILA) AND I HAVE LOVED HIM FOR 35 FRICKEN YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is tonight in 45 minutes!

That's awesome! I posted that on FB...

6PM EST = 5PM MTN = 4PM AZ = 3PM PAC I believe. And? Midnight in the UK! :o)

Ozzzzzzsome interview. LOL, the accents were hilarious, ya both were tough for this southern arizona woman to fN get on but that's okay!

Ozzy!!!! Oi Oi Oi

ROCKIN' PUERTO RICO soooooooooooooooooooooooon!!! Have fun my friends!