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London 2011: the madman will be back!!!

Just announced yesterday that Ozzy will be playing a one-off show at London's Hammersmith Apollo on June 21 as part of Kerrang!'s 30th birthday celebrations.
Ozzy here I come again!!!!
tix on sale later on today!!!


howdie, zazafromjohor and ozzmosiss,

i agree 1000% with you.

for some reason, some, in the USA, believe, OZZY NATION only exists in the USA.

well those of "us" amongst the Commonwealth, are fully aware of Ozzy's roots, and
understand that Ozzy Osbourne was a gift, to the entire Globe from, yes, the UK.

so i wouldn't be too concerned, with the narcisism, that exists among, well some, peoples
of the USA.

in Canada, we are, like, yes! tour the UK et al.

just imagine how we in Canada feel. with new border concerns, i now require a passport to
travel 200km to see Ozzy in the USA, because, yes he does a lot of touring their.
i have no criminal record, zero household debt, but i now require special documents to go see Ozzy,
well, because, he only comes to Canada now,once every 2-3 years, instead of twice per annum.


oh well, i honestly hope Ozzy does an OZZFEST for just the UK for 5 straight years and simply,
ignores North America. i personally would completely understand, as, yes, a North American.

i love Ozzy Osbourne et al., and i am loyal to the Commonwealth :-)

cheers, enjoy the show.

much love from Canada to our brothers and sisters of the Commonwealth.

hi, will ozzy be doing a whole show or just an appearance in London? I looked in the website and UK is not listed in the tour dates and so i am kind of confused. Thanks

Well Ozzmosis, Ozzy did perform there many times last year. Tell us, which did you see?

Any ideas on any support act??

So looking forward to this show, Ozzy is at his best in a smaller venue.
See him at the Leas Cliff Hall in Folkestone last year, and he rocked :)

Don't know if this is true or not;

Has Ozzy NEVER played Scotland as a solo artist?

Can't wait to see him. Sabbath was one of first bands that I got into years ago and this will be my first time that i've seen Ozzy 'live'

Wow. Really not sure what led to the harsh diatribe directed at 'some,' ... but okay.

Anyway! :o).

Ozzy is being presented with the Kerrang! award in London on June 9th. But in addition, he and the guys are playing at the Kerrrang! 30th Anniversary party at the Hammersmith Apollo on June 21st. Go here for tix.


From the article which says:

"The Birmingham-born icon will also be honoured with the Legend Award at this year's Kerrang! Awards Fuelled By Relentless Energy Drink on June 9, so who better to keep the birthday celebrations going throughout the month than the Prince Of Darkness himself?

"It's an incredible honour to be the second recipient of Kerrang!'s Legend Award," says Ozzy, "and I'm looking forward to you all going 'f***ing crazy' at the 30th Anniversary party at the Hammersmith Apollo!"

Tickets for the show (which is open to those aged 14 years and over) will cost £32.50 plus booking fee and will go on presale this Thursday (April 13) at 9AM from ."

I hav e been a LOYAL & devoted fan of OZZY for many, many years now. & i am fed up to the back teeth with him touring in the U.S.A all the time & sometimes in other parts of the world. But, MOSTLY in the U.S I am from the UK & don`t have the privalage to travel great distances. So, when & if is OZZY ever going to come back to the UK where he started from & do some DECENT CONCERTS here in the UK. But, until then i will consider spreading the word about that he does`nt care about his fans as much as it is so called put about. I am well annoyed by the U.S by this & the touring arrangements which have been like this for some years. I do NOT want any STUPID OR SILLY EXCUSES why he has not been here for sometime. As this is ORIGINALLY is home land. I am well Peed off about all. :-(