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baby rocks out to crazy babies

my baby girl; just turned 1. whe she was born i brought her home to deal with her colic. while listening to OZZY I saw the song "CRAZY BABIES"! i played this for her and for the first time in days i ahd peace. she stopped crying! i was so happy i cried! finally relief! now that she is one every time i play OZZY-CRAZY BABIES she rocks out on thed floor! she dances swaqys and some times head bangs!she is so funny! i wish i could get this video to Ozzy himself i know he would really enjoy knowing that his music even makes the craziest of crazy babies rock out! when i was pregnant with my 1st child i was at Ozzfest in the pit! both my kids r metal heads! my oldest will be 5 iun may and would love for Ozzy to see our baby rockin out! this video is short wont take much of anyones time but it WILL force you to smile and even laugh a lil! Ozzy has rocked our home and life for the laty 17 years and i know he'll be here for years to come!not only in my home but my childrens home as well and there kids'kids! we love Ozzy! if you have any idea how i could get this to Ozzy i would love to hear from you!


Could you maybe post the video? Sounds hilarious!