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I'm sure you've all already heard, but Osama is dead!!!!!


With elections looming Asylum, it is a no brainer. The man has not been seen alive in 8-1/2 years, based on intelligence reports. Perhaps the wool will be pulled over everyones eyes AGAIN. After all, those in power like to remain there. With the figurehead of the hour as their puppet.

You'll notice his speeches towards the Mexican population talking about absolving the illegals of their crime, all 11 MILLION of them. UN-FN-REAL.

You see Asylum, if someone wanted to destroy our great country, they'd not have a better way to do it then they have. By calling anyone who says "NO" or "NO MORE" a racist. By enabling those illegally here to receive free monies, housing, healthcare, and a standard of living they'd NEVER be able to see in Mexico so they kick and SCREAM if you talk about sending them home. Along with all their relatives who are also receiving the same AND working under the table AND getting small business loan preferences.

There's much going on if you scratch beneath the shiny veneer. Unfortunately, it disturbs when you do.

But hooray, what a hero, Osama and Obama, difference being the "S" and "B."

Terrorism is alive and well. It is funded purposely to keep the country in fear and destabilized is my guess. If we all have to focus on survival (who doesn't with gunfire, drugs, and violence overtaking us everywhere) how can we step back to think of higher things. It's the Maslow hierarchy of human needs I'm afraid. We focus on what is imminent. If that is kept in chaos, much can and is being done that many sleep through.

Just my 2 cents.