Will Ozzy Ever Perform A New Album (or most of it) Live Like He Used To? | The Official Ozzy Osbourne Site

Will Ozzy Ever Perform A New Album (or most of it) L...

Have those days passed???

Also...why does his setlist always stay so stagnant. His band practices EVERY song...why don't they pull different ones out of the bag?

Love hearing the classics, but ALL of them? He doesn't hardly play ANYTHING from his most recent albums. WHAT A BUMMER!


I'd love to go to a show where the guys performed all of Diary. I think I'd have died and gone to heaven. I really love the album. One of Ozzy's finest.

I believe those days have passed yeah, I'm there with you the song "One More Time" would be a excellent live song. However I think most of the Scream songs are bit too much for the Ozz man these day. I saw Ozzy perform "Fearless" on Jimmy Kimmel live. But it really wasn't live at all. The vocals at least. When I went to see Ozz they just blew the chrous out of the speaker and Ozz didn't sing at all. I wonder if he knows he isn't fooling anyone with that sort of thing. When I went in 2007 to see Ozz he did 3 songs. Far better than the measly one song now.

i would imagine due to the enormous amount of
hits well "all" love to hear, i think he likes to try
and please all his fans, old and new.
i would love to see "Diary of a Madman" in it's entirety,but
oh well, i say at least he's still touring eh?

Many fans would love to go to a concert where all of Scream got played.