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deluxe box set

start out,ive been an ozzy black sabbath fan,for over 35 years now,been 2 all the ozzfests,seen ozzy countless times,always been totally satisfied,,im now disabled,and live on fixed income,but i just had 2 have the deluxe box set because even today them are my 2 all time favorite albums,cant beleive the shape of the records,diary of a madman side 1 has 2 major scratches even skips,,blizzard of oz isnt any different,,who ever packages this box set,,in my eyes needs shot,,because im thinking if ozzy knew how his s*** was being packaged with total disreguard of keeping the records scratch and skip free,he would be outraged like i am,i dont have the money 2 return,or deal with the hassle,,just wanted you 2 know im a pist off fan at the people who packaged the 2 best albums ever recorded,,like it was some kind of gangster rap trash,sure hope ozzy sees this,,betcha it wont continue,,,ozzy rules,,,,SINCERELY,,,TOKE44


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