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"God Bless Ozzy.."

ok! wo!
is this going to be shown in theatres is Canada?
i am going to be researching, but if anyone has details i would appreciate it very much. i have read about UK and US.
i'm in a panic.
i've got to see this film.
please help me.
thank you.


ok, i can't deal with this overwhelming fear of
the unknown, as to whether or not this film is going to be shown in theatres in Canada.
it's been 5 + hours since my S.O.S and nobody has responded,
so i've decided, i'm just going to go ahead, and get the new documentation i am required to show, when coming to visit the USA, which is cool, because i miss going to Florida etc anyways.
but i was wondering, now, one of my Grandmothers' was pure Brittish, and i remember as a child, she would always give us tea and toast.
so i was wondering, when i come to visit, um, my other Grandmother made this amazing bread that you could dunk in tea or coffee. is this party a "Pot Luck"? or is it just, um a celebration for the founding of tea as a very healthy beverage?
if that is the case, i would love to try, i guess, a few of the many types of tea being offered?
can anyone suggest, which of the cities, the film will be shown in theatres, has the best tea? because i would like to go there.
thank you.

please help!
it's been 4 hours since i posted this, and no-one is
responding. S.O.S. !!!
i'm having a panic attack not knowing.
i can't come to the USA because i don't have the new required
documentation to cross the border like i used to do all the time.
does anyone know if this film is going to be shown in Canadian theatres. i'm panicing. i can't miss this.
please help me!