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International Songwriting Competition

Guess what Ozzy fans? The Prince of Darkness himself will be one of the premier judges for this years International Songwriting Competition. Joining Ozzy will be Tom Waits, My Morning Jacket, Jeff Beck, and many many more. The grand prize winner will win $25,000 in stone cold cash and tons of prizes. Finalists will share in a bounty of over $150,000 in prizes. Better hurry up and enter because the deadline is September 21st. Here is the website:


Well, I wonder what happened with this. I haven't heard a single thing about it since! A couple fellow Ozz fans entered, wonder who won?

Asylum, are you going to enter? There are really awesome prizes! You and your band ought to! You write some pretty cool lyrics and music...

Well, at least one fan is going to compete. A couple expressed interest who play in bands. Please post the results!

That's BAD@SS! I'm gonna share it on Ozzy!!!! (our international FB fanclub)...