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Who the hell chooses favorites, they are all my favorite. But, if I honestly had to choose, it would probably be:

Well, I just typed deleted my list, because its simply too much to have to decide upon 5 out of so many amazing songs.

Instead, I shall choose my 5 favorite Albums.

1.) Blizard of Oz
2.) Diary of a Madman
3.) No More Tears
4.) The Ultimate Sin

Some notable favorites of his songs are:

-The Entire album of Blizard of Oz, Diary of a Madman, and No More Tears.
-Bark at the Moon
-Back on Earth
-The Liar
-Miracle Man
-Killer of Giants
-Shot in the Dark
-Secret Loser
-Lightning Strikes
-Life Won't Wait
-My Little Man
-Rock n' Roll Rebel
-Breaking all the Rules

Just saying, there is too many good songs to choose, if you want to have a choice where there is a lot of bad and no good so you can choose favorites, go listen to someone else, because remember, he is "OZZY NOT RONNIE f***ING DIO"