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You are currently confronted with two paths...One is a grueling and daily struggle that will eventually end up with the ultimate reward...your life with your children. The other is a quick and selfish end to your misery and a lifetime of suffering that your loved ones will have to endure. To become sober is not easy, we all (as humans) have the capability to overcome some of the most horrific tragedies that you could possibly imagine. The question that you must answer...are you a victim or a survivor. A victim blames the world for their problems. The survivor does not allow the issues to rule them. Just think about Ozzy and his life, if he can turn himself around then you can too. For a long time he was a lush. I loved him then and I would have gladly wiped his ass and cleaned up his puke. Beside the point, the choice is yours . Throw away the precious gift of life, traumatize the children that need you to be strong since the mother is not, don't appreciate the world that you live in, and take the wussy way out. Or, be strong, become a roll model for you children, pass on the experiences you have had to others, embrace your faults, as well as, the faults of others and see them as the strengths. I was a druggie...coke,pot,lsd, pills, I’ve had despicable things done to me but I don't let those things define me. I became a person that accepts those experiences as a part of what makes me special. I use them to help other people. It's all about perspective and a different way of thinking. Oh yeah, we all screw up as parents and unless you beat them up, are vebally abusive, or sexually assault them; then it can't be that bad. Hopefully I'll see a reply from you.