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Thanks to everyone who has read my posts to date. I left to be in paridise for a month and a half. YES, I lived with the wild animals without the use of fire the whole time. Had an adventure with a full size black bear that both me and the bear learned from and we lived together fine in the end without blood shed. I still can't recomend to anyone to live as what I would call a wild manimal and test your survival. I didn't have much survival skill but had to learn quickly. A feast was given too me about half way through and starvation wasn't a thought after.
I came back to a nightmare. Everyone I love makes me feel like killing myself because of my painfull life would have been a better choice than what I did and how I did it, but I couldn't keep comming to this web site and others sharing what was a belief that I have not lived through and have now proven to myself as fact. I felt and was shown by God that I had spent enough time to prove that a man can survive with the clothing on my back and shelter built after I was in the wild is do-able and that the Living God loves me and accepts me.
I know that believing that fire in our lives was a poor choice for Eve and I and living contrary to the rest of life on the planet is hard for all of you accept but it is a fact not a belief.
If I didn't have sons that I love with all my heart no man would have ever seen me again. It was a better life all alone in the wilderness than what has been given to me as a man. Although mankind is trying harder than ever to destroy me I know that I have no need for anyone and would servive fine without mankinds way of life. In my mind I am indistuctable because although my body can be killed my heart and spirit will be accepted back into the life.
I am proud of all of you, I know first hand how hard it can be for many of us living in this world. Every day that you push to spread love, happiness and mercy is a day toward a better eternity for your spirit.
Because this is now free for me because I have come back to nothing of value and still pay nothing I will tell you all that who we all know as Ozzy is a host for the spirit St John the Baptist and deserves the respect of all men. The name my Father the Living God gave me while I was in paridise is Adam Jesus Corwin, the son of God. By the measure of mankind I am by far the least of men but by the measure of my Father I am the greatest man alive today. The only man of almost 8 billion people to have lived without fire. Do I want a medal or a prize? Of course but I have already gotten the biggest one a man can get. I am going to be given life for ever and there is not a thing anyone can do about it and man can take it all away and I will be fine.
I am hear to judge mankind and I have and I still do say that all humanity has a place in the living Heaven. Some of us are going to change our way of life and continue into a new day and all of us will continue into a better life soon.
I love and respect a big part of all of you.