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OMG Ozzy. I am anxiously waiting your return to the US. One time I was friends with this dog -- I used to fool around over by stone park and this dog was behind a fence and everytime I had hot dogs or a treat or even if i didn't have anything at all i would still go sit and talk to him. As the years went by, he grew older and he wasn't a puppy anymore. His name was Capone, as it said on his doghouse. The owners never saw me they were inside and sometimes it would be cold out and he's still be outside and he had a real thin coat. Anyway, I would sit and talk to him and ask him to be my friend, and I would pet him through the chain link fence. When I was gone, he would anxiously await my return. Then one day he wasn't there anymore. I guess something happenned to him. Maybe he died. Owners got a new dog. But I miss him. I have a new dog now too! But may I be like your dog, awaiting and anticipating, Love, Your Dog in the US