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Ozzy 2007 Europe Tour DVD

Having seen the amazing concert at the NIA on friday, i was wondering if anyone knew if ozzy would be releasing a dvd concert from one of the venues of the tour. I have the Budokan DVD which is stonking and thought that a dvd of this tour would be wicked to have and bring back some of the great memories and atmosphere from the other night.


yeah i was also thinking this. i think that it is likely though and it would be great.

"I'm going off the rails on a crazy train"

Did anybody see any filming crew or cameras or perhaps cameramen filming closeups of the "stars" ?
I was at the gig in munich but there weren't. In other locations perhaps?

I think and hope that ozzys next project is to be the release of his video anthology dvd.

I was at show in Moscow, and Saint Petesburg, after Moscow show will be the video(dvd) bootleg, of corse its not official, after Saint P. i dont think so.