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you rock

dude you are total amazing for a guy who is so burned out, i watched on a tv know what show that is...but it puzzels me so much...on your show u seem to have a problem just to carry on a sentence but yet when you sing. you have your s*** together,, total amazing..keep up the good s*** dude.


Ozzy when I saw you at your retirement tour long ago and you were out side sitting in your limo watching the gathering of fans I went to your car and you rolled the window a crack and put up a shhh sign, you told me you wanted to see your fans as they were excited to get in and not what you normally see when your performing (with of course swear words inbetween). You didn't look like you wanted to quit then and when you reached out and grabbed my hand and kissed it saying goodbye angle, I knew you were the king and nothing would make you stop doing what you like the most and thats seeing all of us enjoying what you do the best. You Rock!!

Everybody refers to Ozzy as being "burned out". This new theme song should stand to correct all those suppositions by the general public, who really don't know him. Ozzy is a bundle of energy, and he truly loves to give all that he has for his fans. That's one reason his legions of fans adore him so much. He just never gives up!! Rock on, my old flame and treasured friend. I still love you.

there are no words to express the happiness that you bring to people, and the good feelings we have when you perform. love ya ozzy

Ozzy the man, The myth, The Legend!
My rock & roll hero!
Keep up the great work! & Thanx for all the years of listening pleasure!