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I'm Athena A newbie to the site but a long time Ozzy fan. I live in Canada on the Atlantic coast. I love the site and I am lovin' the new Album.



i own the new album and i will tell you now that there isnt a song on it that u wont like and i can say that for everyone. Ozzy has been around for so long i cant even remember when i started listening to it. my dad told me wen i was still in my mom he would put the headphones to heer stomach and maybe thats when i started listening to Ozzy i dont know.

Any i just wanna say Ozzy keep doing wut u do and we will love you and your music for ever and for always.

Randy laporte

Live And Rock Hard

--pretty heavy(I think it's better than the other new stuff!(ozzmosis,down to earth,etc..i'm more oldschool ozzy (diary/madman especially)
im looking for musician info(who is really playing drums and bass on blizzard and " diary of a madman.who am i listening to on released copys of the cds

hey i havent heard the new album but i am f***in excited for ozzfest

Emily Kendel

new album is streaming online somewhere. i pre-ordered it, so i didnt feel bad about downloading it. sounds great. cant wait to get the actual CD. Ozzy's still got it.

Have heard good stuff, but have not heard it yet.
Ciao, Nette

can't wait for the new album. lookin forward to ozzfest