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Personally I think Ozzy is a 100% correct on this issue.

If it hadn't of been for Don Arden's "The Al Capone of Pop" mismanagement, or criminal like guidance of black sabbath the rights and ownership of the name & its money earned would have been split evenly amongst the four of them. The real blame lands on Sharron's father Don & what a greedy useless piece of s*** he was for doing them boys that way, period end of discussion!

They are all victims because of it, only thing is why wait so late after Arden's death to rectify this issue, there is where I tend to blame Iommi, why are you dragging your feet on doing something that should have been done from the beginning when you signed on with Arden, I mean WTF Iommi???

Just my 2 cents...

Peace Scapegoat